KR Agito 28 released

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KR Agito 28 released

Post by takenoko »

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Oh 28. What a weird episode.

First, you might notice that the episode is 4:3 with some letterboxed scenes. What the heck? Why? Art?

Second, this is the only episode written by Kobayashi Yasuko (Den-O and Go-Buster writer). So it's got to be about regret and about time travel or something. All the episodes are written by Inoue Toshiki (The guy who wrote Faiz and Kiva. Yeah. I know right?)

Anyway, I super like Ryou. So it's good to see him get an episode to himself. And it's a nice break from the plot dump of the last two episodes.
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Re: KR Agito 28 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

It seems like most of the episode was in 4:3 was basically a flashback while Ryou is in the water from getting beat on by Katsuhiko. You have a nice cameo of Shouichi and later on with Houjou. It was funny that the flashbacks during the flashback was in 16:9. Yeah nice episode of Ryou and finally someone understands the pain of being Gills.
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Re: KR Agito 28 released

Post by Catastrophe »

Notice how Shouichi gives the kids a load of Tomatoes. I know it probably isn't intentional, but remember when Shouichi said he ran away (from home) he ate the tomatoes?
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