KR Agito 36 released

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KR Agito 36 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

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So Another Agito is a super bastard child of Agito and Gills. He has the moves of Agito but the ugliness and pain of Gills. Kino-san's darkness is so great that it gave Mana the chills literally. It was funny when Shouichi had cream on his face when he fought the Unknown.
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Re: KR Agito 36 released

Post by Catastrophe »

I'm fairly certain an arm transplant is near impossibe. Especially maintain the tissue in the long term due to rejection. Not that it would stop Inoue.
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Re: KR Agito 36 released

Post by DarkCrusnik »

yeah...and the nerves are so well donely attached thay he could do DIFFICULT surgeries like its souchi making a cake.... if I ever died...take me to japan
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Re: KR Agito 36 released

Post by AxemYellow »

Kino may be cool, but he's also crazy.

Now I have a strange desire for tomato cake (even though I don't think I'd like it.)
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