Gokaiger 26 released

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Gokaiger 26 released

Post by takenoko »

I like the weapon switch between Joe, Don, and HurricaneYellow where Don ends up with nothing.

Oh hey, it's a beloved reunion with Sid... oh wait, this isn't a Joe episode so there's none of that here. That's... sorta lame.

The joint attack between the two reds is pretty good.

Hate to say it, but the shine on Gold Mode has kind of worn off.

The Japanese wordplay really shines here.

But some of the "puns" aren't even really that. They're just regular Japanese terms that seem weird if you scrutinize them. Like:
Jigoku-mimi 地獄耳 【じごくみみ】 (n) sharp ear, long ears
This is the kind of thing we joked about back in college. It's such a bizarre term, but all it really means is that one has really good hearing.

Or Shirimochi 尻餠 【しりもち】 (n) falling on one's backside (behind, bottom)
Just butt+mochi

Dongaragashaan ドンガラガッシャーン I guess this is a net term that's just an onomatopoeia to represent onomatopoeia
http://dic.nicovideo.jp/a/%E3%81%A9%E3% ... C%E3%82%93

Just to cover all grounds mugen 無限 means "infinite" or literally "unlimited". But you probably knew that, you're a smart boy. I trust you.

Some Hurricaneger stuff:
Hayatemaru 疾風丸 The name of their sword. Hopefully you guys remember my explanation about -maru. Hayate just means "Hurricane" and I believe the main Hurricaneger group are from the Hayate School.

In the Hurricaneger series, the ranger team were referred to as "legendary successors" 伝説後継者. To see them pass that title along was really nice.


I also found this funny comic while looking up something someone in QC said
It's a comic that crosses over Hurricaneger with JustiRisers. Translation in the spoiler tags:
Title: Legendary Successors

First Panel:
Shurikenger: Hey, you-tachi look like Hurricanegers!

Kabuto face: They sort of do, now that you mention it.

Kuwagata face: Plus the blue one is also a girl, Aniki.

Second panel:
Riser Glen: Hurricanegers, eh?

Third panel:
HurricaneRed: So I'm HurricaneRed. Yeah, I see our colors are pretty similar.

Fourth panel:
HurricaneBlue: I am HurricaneBlue. I help out as a fellow ninja warrior.

Fifth panel:
Riser Gant: So that means I'm HurricaneYellow...

Sixth panel:
Gant: I don't want to be this plain guy!

Kageri: Hey, calm down.

Glen: Don't worry, you don't resemble him.
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Re: Gokaiger 26 released

Post by PHurricane »

I never figured out what felt off with the Hurricanegers in the last episode, but whatever it was went away because they definitely felt like themselves this episode. Their personalities really shone through during the pun quiz with Satarakura Jr. (Maybe they didn't smile enough last episode. They all have really contagious smiles.)

That team-up battle had some hilarious moments. As usual, Doc has more memorable moments than the rest of the team combined. The way that Doc stood around looking at all of the HurricaneYellow doubles was funny, but that was easily dwarfed by him (a) losing one weapon during the exchange, and (b) substituting a leafy tree branch for his his missing sword. Oh my gosh. That was priceless.

The only thing that topped that was Gai talk-singing part of the Hurricaneger theme song, in time with the music.

Hurricane Gokai-Ou had a nice debut. I couldn't believe they had it do the Hurricaneger pose - the one with the lunge and outstretched hand. Pretty cool.

Very heartwarming to hear Yousuke bestow the title of legendary successors on the Gokaigers. Also nice to see the teams part on such a positive note.
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Re: Gokaiger 26 released

Post by 09MurphyM »

I think my favorite part of the battle was the final wave.
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Re: Gokaiger 26 released

Post by Catastrophe »

I can't believe its taken half the series to get a crossover of this magnitude.

Hopefully, it isn't going to be the last. While the cameos and life lessons by previous heroes are nice, this has definitly set the bar.

Was hoping for a Shurikenger gag though. Oh well.
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Re: Gokaiger 26 released

Post by Joe_Mello »

Nekomimi Ahim makes the internet go splort.
Catastrophe wrote:I can't believe its taken half the series to get a crossover of this magnitude.
I have to imagine the VS movie is pretty intense, even though it's just with the Goseigers.
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Re: Gokaiger 26 released

Post by Catastrophe »

Yeah, but you'd expect that of something like a movie.
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Re: Gokaiger 26 released

Post by Kogashi »

Good ol Hurricangers... So Kabuki, so silly XP
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Re: Gokaiger 26 released

Post by DereklBarona »

Yeah, this episode was definitely VS movie quality with how good the team-up was. Also, the way Ahim just so casually threatened to take the keys back at the start made me laugh.
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Re: Gokaiger 26 released

Post by Netto no Zen-Aki »

This was a pretty good episode. Didn't mind much of the puns but the actions and reactions were silly. I was wondering how they were going to get Saturakura Jr to say the magic word, and I was laughing when it happened and

Next episode seems very interesting. POOR DOC!
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Re: Gokaiger 26 released

Post by m4rc0 »

Seeing Ahim talking big ans making threats that peacefully was interesting.

Man, this ep was awesome. They managed to do the pirates x ninjas everyone wanted to see. And it was during the series. It was a good crossover. Both teams looked cool and the hurricangers had a big role, even if they were just extras.

The cat ears killed me too.

Hurricanger seems like a lot of fun. I want to watch it nao.

I think next ep is going to be very funny too
Doc with Ankh's hair? And Mao is also very cute playing a meek character.
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Re: Gokaiger 26 released

Post by Lunagel »

Wasn't expecting this kind of a teamup this late in the series but I am pleasantly surprised. You definitely got the Hurricanger flair in this ep, and I just hope they can do a few more of these kinds of episodes, though I think we've just about run out of teams. It's a pity, especially since I think they could have done wonders with some of the more recent shows, considering Hurri is almost 10 years old and it's highly unlikely any of the kids watching Gokai have seen it.
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Re: Gokaiger 26 released

Post by TG23 »

I have to agree about Ahim. It was pretty neat having her say they take back the keys by force if they had to. Acknowledging their need for help but supporting Gai's opinion at the same time. A nice pirate mindset. I also agree with Lunagel. Seeing how well this episode worked, it a shame that they couldn't do the same with more recent sentai series. I'm pretty interested in why they chose Hurricaneger. Odds are the main actors were just available but still like to hear the reasoning behind it. But it was great episode and I loved seeing the Hurricanegers return and it was cool to see how they would get their powers back now that they were in key form. Definitely makes it easier for other sentais to show up and suit up. I also couldn't hold back a smile hearing the Hurricaneger music play. And I couldn't help imagining Hurricane Blue saying "Bitch please!" when she gets up and uses her ninja art. And for some reason the moment when the girls get taken down was so cool. Now if only the Shurikenger was here too (since he is just a VA). Although I don't know if canonically he's alive or dead... "I am Ninja of Ninja!"
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Re: Gokaiger 26 released


Wow they played pretty much the full instrumental theme from Hurricanger.....that was wicked! As was the updated transformation/roll call for them.

Good to see Insann and Barizorg join the fight (especially Insann). Guess Joe will eventually struggle to fight Sid later on when the ball is back is in his court for a focus.

Hurricane Gokai Ou was awesome, now people have a new mecha to complain about aside from Shinken Gokai-Ou :lol:
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Re: Gokaiger 26 released

Post by remolay »

Well, this was fun.

Was Hurricaneger really this weird? I never would have guessed from the way Ninja Storm portrayed it.

Epic battle at the end, wow. That was awesome and I loved it

Ahim with cat ears = even cuter than ever.

This in the end will probably be my favorite episode aside from the Carranger one.
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Re: Gokaiger 26 released

Post by Catastrophe »

Ninja Storm. With Lothar and cheesy puns? That Ninja Storm.

When Hurricanger was strange, it was strange. But when it got serious, it got serious.

Shurikenger is probably the worst offender, IMO anyway.
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