Gokai 35 released

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Gokai 35 released

Post by takenoko »

Man, it's good to see Sousuke again. And he's as over the top as ever, which is a good thing.

I like the way they expanded the universe a bit by having the new Engine by Speedor and Bear V's son, but I thought Bear V and Jetras were an item.

So we translated hobankan as "sheriff", but this is not quite correct.
Sheriff would be Hoankan 保安官 with no b. But one of the puns in Go-Onger is that the Gaiark titles are twisted versions of themselves. In this case, they change the middle part to ban 蛮 which means "barbarian"

Chirakashizukii, comes from chirakashi suki 散らかし好き which means "Loves to litter" (more literally "to scatter everywhere"). The naming is pretty similar to how the Zangyack names are created from Japanese words. You might notice that he sort of says his own name during the mugen shuriken attack.

Same deal with the other Gaiark.

Daitourryou means president, but they change it to Gaitouryou 害統領 with gai meaning "harm, injury"

This guy's name is Babachiido, but the first president's name is Bachiido. Will there be a third president, Bababachiido?
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Re: Gokai 35 released

Post by zeta_gundam »

I was hoping to see the core three in action, like in Hurricaneger. I guess Go-On Yellow's appearance in the 199 movie was just that. =/ I was hoping for Miu and Hiroto as well (Go-On Silver and Gold). Wonder how their reaction will be like when they see Gai's LunaMetal Go-On Wings. But, it's nice to see that Sousuke is still as ridiculous as ever. Seriously, trampoline and pole vaulting your way into the dimensional crack? At least fly a plane into it or something?

Wait... Speedor and BearV have a son!? o.O How's that possible? LOL.

Also, tricky move by the Gaiark there.

Which reminds me... I was wondering what determines which episodes get the double episode tribute special. So far we have had Shinkenger, Hurricanger and now Go-onger having the double episode special. I don't know if MagiRanger and OhRanger counts in this category. MagiRed was seen in the last part of episode 2, but the main focus of the MagiRanger is in episode 3. OhRanger's tribute was in episode 31, but OhRed and Pink were seen at the beginning of 32, giving them the hint to creating the Galleon Buster.
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Re: Gokai 35 released

Post by Arigomi »

takenoko wrote:...but I thought Bear V and Jetras were an item.
Bear RV broke up with him because she thought he was too girly. During that episode, Jetras pretended to be Bear RV by using his Engine Soul inside Bear RV's Engine Cast to trick the MotW.

zeta_gundam wrote:Wait... Speedor and BearV have a son!? o.O How's that possible? LOL.
When a sports car and RV love each other a lot, they do a special kind of demolition derby called G2 Formation.

It was interesting to see an episode where Zangyack wasn't the source of the trouble. It also raised an interesting question to the Gokaigers since they are still reluctant heroes.

The interaction between Navi and Bomper was fun.

Japanese cowboys aren't something you see everyday. Gunman World is a great setting for Battle Fever J and its old school brand of stunt work.
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Re: Gokai 35 released

Post by evel333 »

Gai's joygasm shaking Sousuke's hand was beyond ridiculous - even for a fanboy like Gai.
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Re: Gokai 35 released

Post by Lunagel »

I'm sorry, I just headdesked at the "we have a kid!" part. Bringing up stuff like relationships and kids just makes me wonder how the engines have sex and right now all I can imagine is sticking stuff up a tailpipe.
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Re: Gokai 35 released

Post by Sherlocke »

Pirates, Ninjas, and Cowboys in one episode is a UBER Bingo, is it not?

Thought it was an excellent episode. Brought it back to the fact that the pirates don't consider themselves as heroes but just kicking the butts of people they don't like.

They sort of messed up with that smoke bomb with their last henshin. You could only really see Gokaipink and a bit of Gokaigreen. it took a while for the other four to run through the smoke.

They made up for it, though, in GokaiRed's fight sequence with Chirakashizukii. It was totally natural for Gokaired to knock the gun out of his hands and then have him trip over it.

Speaking of Chirakashizukii, tt was absolutely hilarious how many guns the guy had especially as he whipped them out of nowhere ALA Ahim's sword.

They are going to save the Go-onger henshin for the next epi. I was wondering why they didn't do it in the Go-Onger epi but nope, they have two epis to do it.

I love when they pick up Bomper. I want to pick up a life-size Bomper. So cute.

Fantastic setup for whats to come. My only concern is that although Sousuke knows about the Go-Onger's Grand Power (and the secret to unlock it) .... until now, he hasn't heard of Speedor and Bear V's son which i'm assuming is the new mech for the Gokaigers....

or is the Go-onger's grand power something else entirely?
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Re: Gokai 35 released

Post by jolly_old_saint »

When you turn to face someone, don't you normally have to face someone?

Silly talking racecars, always fighting pollution and making babies and thinking larry the cable guy's funny.

Silly transdimensional sky vaginas, always taking the getter team into the land of endless battle.

Silly Maverick, not being trademarked enough to avoid this episode.

Silly machine men, walking like you're off to see the wizard of o....z....

Silly filter, making me pause on the last word so it wouldn't change to OOO.

Silly this week's lesson. If you don't like someone, kick their ass.

Silly Lupin the 3rd, setting trends so all the kids these days are able to shoot down bullets.
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Re: Gokai 35 released

Post by remolay »

I now have the urge to call Bear RV "Hikaru". I'd call Speedor "Kyousuke", but I'm pretty sure he's not actually in love with Madoka.
Well I guess I'm not a pirate anymore now that img limits exist.

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Re: Gokai 35 released

Post by PHurricane »

It was good to see Sousuke again, even though it hasn’t been that long since he was around. Pretty ironic for Sousuke to call someone else a weirdo, especially when he and Gai has roughly the same level of energy. It was nice to see that Sousuke’s enthusiasm hasn’t dimmed much, if any, since we last checked in with him. It made me wonder what he would be like in 10 years or so...and then I realized that we probably already have a good idea thanks to the ongoing wacky antics of the Red from the previous car-themed sentai.

Even in another dimension, the set dressers managed to sneak in a few bonuses for viewers. It looked like there were Wanted posters for at least two of the Gokaigers in Gunman World. One looks like Marvelous, in his crossed gun pose, but I couldn’t quite make out the other. The color-coded seating arrangement in the stadium was also a nice easter egg.

Thank goodness Sousuke was as bewildered by Speedor and Bear R’s announcement as the rest of the audience. I pity Buson for being the third wheel.
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Re: Gokai 35 released

Post by Akari »

PHurricane wrote:Even in another dimension, the set dressers managed to sneak in a few bonuses for viewers. It looked like there were Wanted posters for at least two of the Gokaigers in Gunman World. One looks like Marvelous, in his crossed gun pose, but I couldn’t quite make out the other. The color-coded seating arrangement in the stadium was also a nice easter egg.
From what I can tell the person in the other Wanted poster is one of the girls, my educated guess is Luka. It just looks like her outline. I am going to attempt to perform forensic enhancements and stuff to confirm it!!!!!! :mrgreen: :lol:

EDIT: After further review it appears to be Ahim on a GokaiCellular..in the Gokai library with the Gokai Lead Pipe...

EDIT EDIT: Actually, I dont think it is ANY of the Gokaigers. In fact, its random people doing some Gokai Poses with Gokai Gear.

Thanks to guile_bio for his help with the sig and gif
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Re: Gokai 35 released

Post by TBustah! »

I guess time must pass more quickly in Machine World, or the engines just age faster. Machalcon probably isn't more than two years old or so, since no mention was made of him (or his parent's marriage, for that matter) in Shinkenger vs Go-Onger, but he seems much older.

"I wonder what those various things are"... c'mon Sousuke, really? Are you telling me you missed that day in health class? :lol:

Such a terrible lesson to teach children, "if you don't like someone, beat them up". Sure, the older kids are going to understand that it's just a joke, but the smaller ones might hear what Marvelous saidd and get into trouble. It's more than a little bit socially irresponsible, but then again, so was a lot of the stuff in the older shows. I've seen PG-13 action movies with less blood than some episodes of Dairanger.
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Re: Gokai 35 released

Post by Aeikozz »

I'm sorry, episode was great and all, but the aftertaste of that episode is killing me.

All I can think of right now is, I need some rule 34 of Speedor and Bear RV
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Re: Gokai 35 released

Post by Connie_Edogawa »

Well, this was a fun episode. looking forward to next week, too. I guess i'm happy Speedor and Bear RV are married with a kid? honestly it's all too weird to ever fully know how to feel. And while it's a relief that Sousuke doesn't understand how they can have a kid, either, the whole wondering about what Bear RV meant by "various things" has me wondering if Sousuke and Miu didn't get together in the end, since i thought Miu really liked him. or am i forgetting something?

also, as others have wondered, how old is their kid?! i mean he can't be more than a couple years old and he's a delinquent and bigger than anyone else on the road?
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Re: Gokai 35 released

Post by Areku The O.F. »

Sosuke's back, as cheerful as usual, and that's the way it should be!

Have you guys noticed that in the scene where the Gokaigers go to look for Sosuke in the stadium everyone's seated in seats of their corresponding ranger colors, except for Ahim and Gai? It's no big deal, but funny to point out!
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Re: Gokai 35 released

Post by triple_lei »

Lunagel wrote:I'm sorry, I just headdesked at the "we have a kid!" part. Bringing up stuff like relationships and kids just makes me wonder how the engines have sex and right now all I can imagine is sticking stuff up a tailpipe.
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(shamelessly stolen from Richard Roeper's Herbie: Fully Loaded review)

Episode was kinda a'ight for me. Haven't seen that series yet though.
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