Blossom, Bubbles or buttercup

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Who's your fave powerpuff girl

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Top Kirby
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I am not a number. I am an individual!
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Re: Blossom, Bubbles or buttercup

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Momoko AKA Hyper Blossom is my personal fav of them all!
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Re: Blossom, Bubbles or buttercup

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I can't decide.
Buttercup is awesome, but I really like Blossom for being a toku fan.
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Re: Blossom, Bubbles or buttercup

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That Guy wrote: Sun Mar 30, 2008 5:11 pm There's this one, or I can make you one. See my PM.
this link is dead + i gotta go with blossom, i mean after seeing this the american version and the remake never really clicked with me again i mean it's like watching a little kids show then seeing an anime version and... u can never go back
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