Garo -Gekkou no Tabibito- Making-Of DVD

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Garo -Gekkou no Tabibito- Making-Of DVD

Post by takenoko »


It wouldn't be an anniversary without Garo! We don't get a lot of chances to work on making-of stuff, so I was pretty happy to get a chance to work on this one

Loved the explanation of how much work goes into the action scenes

Since this movie was like a tribute to all the previous Garo before it, it was very fun to see the cameos that they snuck into the scenes. Including some actors in this very movie!

That said, unfortunately there's some lines that are just too hard to make out for translation. The audio quality is just too poor. Sorry!
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Re: Garo -Gekkou no Tabibito- Making-Of DVD

Post by Catastrophe »

Good shit guys. Appreciate this one very much!
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Re: Garo -Gekkou no Tabibito- Making-Of DVD

Post by darkarmorwearer »

I've been asking for more behind the scenes, so I really appreciate this. Amemiya is my favorite japanese director!
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Re: Garo -Gekkou no Tabibito- Making-Of DVD

Post by Kurokage X »

I'm a sucker for bonus content so this makes my day
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