Ultraman Dyna 01 released!

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Ultraman Dyna 01 released!

Post by xiiliea »

Wiki: http://wiki.tvnihon.com/wiki/Ultraman_Dyna_01
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This is why Dyna is one of the best Ultraman series ever. The amount of effort put into the effects, and the realism (cockpit view and all the stuff going boom). I haven't seen that much effort put into recent series, other than simple computer generated effects that don't look that realistic (as well as over-shiny mechas that look really toyish). And this was a really exciting first episode too!
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Re: Ultraman Dyna 01 released!

Post by Evangeline »

I would really really go back into my childhood time where I didn't know anything about Ultraman except Ultraman is Heroes of Justice, thats all. IMHO, its really weird watch this series in 2017
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Re: Ultraman Dyna 01 released!

Post by DaVinci030 »

Well. After 6 days of our release, today (or this day's post) was the 20th Anniversary of the series premiere.

Not just that, but Super GUTS reunion on UlFes 2017 a month ago as well.
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Re: Ultraman Dyna 01 released!

Post by GaMa7 »

That's really a spectacular release! As a big fan of Tiga I'm really overjoyed to be able to continue the journey with Dyna! Pretty cool first episode: we are mildly introduced to a lot of characters and especially the main lead, Shin Asuka. It's one of those characters who can come up as annoying if portrayed by the wrong actor but I think Takeshi Tsuruno really did a nice job at being likable while also behaving like a manchild-genius pilot. The action and set are pretty cool, they really wanted to make the show more fast paced and action oriented. Cool blend of practical and digital effects, with the limitations of the latter pretty visible due to the time and higher quality of the bluray but, to me, it really add to the charm of the show. Very cool uniforms too, sleeker than the one from Guts but it's nice to see the old tech and gear being used for the new recruits and the old, more cumbersome helmet really work well as a space oriented one. Loved the non humanoid monster, even if it get totaled in a flash but it adds to the variety that the show offer. My really only, little gripe is how the SuperGuts veterans get shot down in the training, especially poor Ryo (who gets beaten again by the enemies forces. Even the poor girl note the "it really isn't her day"). I know that the two rookies were super-rookies as it was explained but it seemed they really were leaps and bounds better: Asuka really can make miracles with a craft so it's too bad they won't show more acrobatics against the monster, deciding to cut short to the Ultrraman revelation. A gripe that was the same in Tiga, due to the status of Rena as ace pilot and getting shot down constantly with little effort. Anyway, really great episode, what a start! Really want to jump into the next episode! Fantastic work guys and wow, such quality with the bluray! Keep up the great work!
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Re: Ultraman Dyna 01 released!

Post by MeAsAGuess112 »

Wow Being a Big Fan of Ultraman Dyna when i was a kid the effects, action and funny faces is what makes this ultra series my fav! im waiting for so long to find these subs and finally found it
now yr 2018 its time to get to know the story behind those effects and funny moments!!
Thanks TV-Nihon!!
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