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Zenkaiger 34 discussion thread

Post by takenoko »

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Last Zenkaiger's rating: 4.4 of 5 (5 votes)

Magine's costume is cute

I always wonder what the editor is thinking when I watch the last part of the Zenkaiger opening that changes each time

Is Gaoon a tiger? I'm beginning to think he's a furry

Looks like Suu-san is a victim again

There's Hakaizer saying Kaito's dad's line

Oh Stacee, you're the best part of this show

Is this the first motw that ran away during a transformation?

Wow, the four idiots don't even appear in the live show commercial. Is this the first time a girl sidekick appears at one of these things? Thanks, Corona?

LOL at Tsuukaizer shooting the pumpkin. Nice shot!

You know, if they gave the four Kikainoids a power-up, they could cram other past Sentai references in there while also opening up more potential merch

The city stage for the giant robo fight is fun

Ijirude sure was on top of recovering Hakaizer

LOL, are these fools really not going to tell Kaito about his father? This writing...

I wonder how many kids didn't predict that Hakaizer is Kaito's dad

4/5 stars. Show's best when it's just them goofing off with the monster of the week. When I'm supposed to care about Kaito and his dumb dad, I kind of zone out. As usual Stacee can do no wrong
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Re: Zenkaiger 34 discussion thread

Post by vasyear »

It was a good episode, I learned something about halloween the costumes but what is some what pi%%^ng me off is that Magine has gotten NO spot light episode apart from her intro episode, maybe its my bias cause Magiranger is my favourite show but I know that its got to be covid related in some way, I mean none of the others have a lot of spotlight on them but they've all had 1 episode (apart from their intro) even the bird got a charicter building episode with that Time one but this is unfair this is the second times (and the most appropreate given magic and halloween) to do a magiranger tribute or focous on her abilities with magic.
Sorry for ranting
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