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Zenkaiger 40 discussion thread

Post by takenoko »

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Okay Hakaizer just mass murdered a bunch of people. Cool

What? Why is Ijirude here

Hakaizer is a transformer?!

Awww, Hakaizer is a prick now. There goes Stacee's only other friend

Poor Takoyaki robot. His name is Taa-san? LOL

Hey pirate guys, don't you have yoru own quest your on? No? You're just here to support Kaito's family? Okay...

Why did Zox yell out "Who's there". It's clearly Stacee. LOL, love that the disc is also cog shaped

Hakaizer is in the head? Kinda Attack on Titansy

Cool entrance for the mooks. The floor looks like the stage where they film the pirate ship interior

Isao's birthday is May 30, 1980. Neat

Whoa. Isao is reading はんかちはもういらない which is the book that Brain was reading in Drive. Amazingly Toei even has a page about it https://www.kamen-rider-official.com/di ... =%E3%81%AF

How did they do these younger versions of the actors for Kaitos' parents?

Kaito was born Dec, 12, 2000. LOL, in three years they become the older version of themselves. Praenthod is orugh. Who took the photo of Yatsude yelling at her son???

February 20, 2011 the parents disappeared

Nice hsot of Stacee in the background

What is Gege plotting

Oh I forgot about Kaitos's stupid first in the world schtick. Got to admit, Kaito's dad being reunited with his mom and son is pretty touching for this show

Okay, so there's a credit for all the young Isaos and baby Kaito. So that must mean that the photos of them being young adults is probably photos of the actual actors from when they were younger, just photoshopped into those poses?
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Re: Zenkaiger 40 discussion thread

Post by msf232 »

takenoko wrote: Sat Dec 18, 2021 10:45 pm Praenthod is orugh.
Apparently typing is rough too...
takenoko wrote: Sat Dec 18, 2021 10:45 pm Who took the photo of Yatsude yelling at her son???
My thoughts exactly. At least there might have been a person for each of the other photos.
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