Kamen Rider Revice 18 Discussion thread

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Kamen Rider Revice 18 Discussion thread

Post by takenoko »

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Last episode rating: 4.4 of 5 stars (5 votes)

Julio is so good. I'm glad they're doing more with his character

Wow George being kind of serious for once

Damn. Rip Julio's friend

That's a good reminder from Vice that the devils are originally a part of the original person. Makes you wonder what's wrong with Ikki to create a devil like Vice. I think his bandaged hands are funny since they're like a glove

How'd Orteka get away? That's dumb of them to not just let Julio beat him up

Feel bad for Julio either way. Hope he'll be backing the good guys from here on

The YouTube preview for this episode focused just on the doctor and her mini skirt, but she was only on for like a few seconds and it didn't have the angle for the pic that was used in the YouTube preview:
Toei restraint??

If doctor mini skirt looks familiar, she was Cinderella in Toqger episode 25 and Sailor Neptune in the Sailor Moon musicals:

Hey Toei, are you sure you should be recommending people to go to the movies during this omnicron outbreak?

Only doing one commercial this week, the Kamen Rider Revice campaign thing (how long is this going to last? I guess it generates community interest?) I like the family with the Rider masks on the wall. That was cool

Jesus. I didn't recognize PatRan 3 with short hair
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Re: Kamen Rider Revice 18 Discussion thread

Post by Connie_Edogawa »

I'm liking how the show's going so far. there's still room for it to slip up, sure, but it's doing a lot better at this point in the run than either of the previous two shows were, iirc. 01 was at the job competition arc around now, right? and Saber... Saber was always a mixed bag, honestly.

ngl, I'd kinda love to see a crossover between this and Den-O just to see everyone bounce off each other over the basic premise of their whole deals, like the taros being separate people who work with Ryotaro to become a rider vs. Vice being a part of Ikki and also getting to be his own separate rider, or Ryotaro and Daiji comparing notes on the whole "being possessed" thing, or everyone's reactions to Urataros trying to hit on Sakura only for her to beat him up herself, and Momotaros being simultaneously honored that the Mammoth Genome looks like sword form and pissed that they'd dare to rip off his look.
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Re: Kamen Rider Revice 18 Discussion thread

Post by Ashki »

Thanks to lots of family stuff (and having to replace my laptop), I've only just caught up from episode 13. Honestly, I was on the fence for that whole time, but the moment they betrayed Aguilera, things started really shaping up. I love that there's a lot more of a message to the series and the writing's really tightened up. A few moments even made me laugh (which, considering how dumb the humour was in the beginning, I didn't think that was possible).

Now the big question is whether they'll be able to save Aguilera and whether she'll join the Riders somehow, considering her entire life up to this point has been a lie. Also, should we stop calling Tamaki Go "Julio" since the character's now rejected that identity? I do love what they've done with him, and Aguilera has become more and more the tragic figure, so I really hope they'll keep developing her. Four Deadmans in as many episodes, so it makes you wonder just how much longer they can drag things out. My guess is they'll defeat Olteca by episode 25 and Gifu will be the baddy for the rest of the series, but that's going to be a big strain. Hopefully they have something up their sleeve so we'll still have an actual enemy faction with generals, but it really does feel like the show's hitting its climax already.

Also, how much longer before Vice loses the mask? Considering how blatant it is, they really need to make it some form of plot point. Maybe it's a muzzle that keeps him from eating people, or perhaps it represents Ikki's reluctance to see his own value in the world (i.e. he metaphorically put a gag on his own opinions, which resulted in the opinionated Vice having a physical gag). It would be a real waste if they never give us an in-universe explanation.
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