Kamen Rider Revice 32 Discussion thread

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Kamen Rider Revice 32 Discussion thread

Post by takenoko »

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Last episode rating: 4.33 of 5 stars (6 votes)

Awww, Aguilera is sad her cult is gone

Wait, what motivation does Sakura have for fighting Aguilera? Very cynically, it feels like "We need to give the girls something to do. I know, we'll have them fight each other."

There's the Hiromi mention for the episode

Aguilera beat Sakura? Doubt. Then she leaves. But why??? Oh Tamaki explains it.

Wow Akemi got caught immediately. (Also, it's dumb that they keep calling her by her given name instead of her family name. She's a doctor and these people aren't her friends)

This drama over whether to turn Aguilera back to normal or not sort of rings false. Feels like fake and unearned drama

Tamaki is looking good

Daiji's belt chanting is so annoying

Look at Tamaki with those tears, the writing in this show is so face palm worthy. I want a cool story with Sakura and Aguilera, but this is dog shit where everyone acts like an idiot

Sakura, moves faster than a Rider kick

Hopefully other people are liking this show, but man, this story drives me crazy. All these characters are cool and likeable. Let them do cool things and not act like dumbasses all the time
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Re: Kamen Rider Revice 32 Discussion thread

Post by Ashki »

The writing on this one felt like they were trying to both cram a longer story into a shorter space and fill a space by stretching out a story, which is never good. However, the pros certainly outweighed the cons.

What was Tamaki's wish? And if he knows what Aguilera really wants, he should've grown a pair and explained that. As it is, I have a horrible feeling about next episode. It felt like they compressed the battles, then stretched out the subplot just to keep the two-episode format. And the preview makes it sound like I'm going to hate next episode.

Meanwhile, everyone's favourite doctor+ adds detective to her repertoir only to be caught and presumably killed. Are they trying to get rid of all the best characters? At least FeniX has its cushy office buildi... I mean, sky fortress back. For such a powerful organisation, it's crazy how low-budget their sets are.

I'm developing ore sympathy for Weekend now that their beginnings are being hinted at in Vail. However, the "father-son" members still don't sit well and I have to wonder if one of them will turn out to be a double agent in the end.

On a side note, anyone who hasn't been watching Vail really should. I know there haven't been discussions on it here, but the show has really blown me away with how much they're packing into such short episodes. It's yet more proof that Kamen Rider may work best when allowed to have mature themes (this wasn't an issue in the Showa era, but TOEI's been straying from the inherent darkness of KR for a while now).
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Re: Kamen Rider Revice 32 Discussion thread

Post by msf232 »

takenoko wrote: Sun Apr 24, 2022 12:22 am Sakura, moves faster than a Rider kick
That's Sakura for you
Oh my, that last line of dialog in the preview- is it going to be something fruity?
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