Kamen Rider Revice 44 Discussion thread

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Kamen Rider Revice 44 Discussion thread

Post by takenoko »

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Last episode rating: 2.67 of 5 stars (6 votes)

Daiji making things hard by acting like a jackass again. Here's Lovecov again

Hikaru, get in the robot

Is that Olteca? Is that dude still alive? At least Revice's reaction was funny

Hiromi is right there, give him something to do besides sit on the side

Someone slap Daiji

Oh, Karizaki's dad is still alive? I thought he died two episodes ago. This is the problem with only remembering things based on emotional beats. They're dragging out Karizaki's dad dying way too long

Eh? Ikki can do the transforamation without his other half? How does that work? You even see the ghost of Vice putting his armor on Ikki lol

Also that's Giff's voice lol

Ikki to Vice "I heard your voice coming from my groinal area"

Demons is back baby!

I can be your demons or be your angle. See Hiromi's doing stuff and I care about this series way more already lol. Good moment aside, it's pretty weird that Hiromi can reach Daiji when his own siblings can't

Sakura is stuck shrieking on the side. Can we get her girl power spin-off already?

Oh hey it's goth Daiji. Killing him was a mistake. Daiji just became a shit after that. Got to admit that's a badass suit design though

Is that Daiji's character song?

There's George's rock

Is there anyone else in those bubbles that were released important to the series besides Olteca?

It's rough, but overall that was a good episode. There's some emotional beats that are pretty good in this series. But a lot of the stuff inbetween is just so clumsy that it can be frustrating.
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Re: Kamen Rider Revice 44 Discussion thread

Post by Arigomi »

They changed the opening credits to put Hiromi in and take Akaishi out.

Mama Igarashi is so calm. She seems to be in complete denial about the world shattering events taking place. I wouldn't be surprised if she is secretly taking anti-depressants to cope with the reckless behavior of her husband and kids.

Hiromi and Daiji should just kiss already. They don't have to worry about Akemi trying to sabotage their love anymore.

Daiji had magical girl tears?

I feel so dumb about the name Kamen Rider Live. Live is evil spelled backwards.

With Hikaru injured, will Tamaki finally get a chance to become a Kamen Rider?
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