Guide to setting up mIRC

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Guide to setting up mIRC

Post by XIII »

Now since we seem to be missing a comprehensive guide to setting up IRC and connecting to the channel via mIRC and performing the basic bits, I have put together this guide on what to do and settings to tweak to get you going, now this wont tell you how to download, that will be in another guide once I get around to publishing it.

for the purpose of this guide you will need to install mIRC before hand, now since there are issues with displaying some characters in recent releases I suggest you get mIRC 6.21 (you can find it at here)

If someone spots a mistake with this guide, just nudge me and ill get around to changing it.

Basic set up of mIRC

Once you have installed mIRC you can now make the changes to the settings to allow you to connect to the IRC Servers that host #tv-nihon, to being making the changes to mIRC you need to open the options menu, you can do this by clicking on tools and then options from the drop down menu.

You will be presented with a window similar to that shown in Fig 1. below, you will need to click on "Connect" to being making the changes

Fig 1. mIRC Options Window

Upon initial install you will need to enter some details into mIRC to get it to work, on this screen mIRC requires you to enter a name, this doesn't have to be a real name, also with the email address you don't have to put a real email address in, but you do have to put it in the form of an email address so something like test@test.test

Next up you need to choose you're nick name that you wish to be known as in the channel, if you have a unique name you shouldn't have a problem using it, but if it is a common one you may need to change your nick till you find one that is not in use, most nicks and registered so you will be warned when you try to use a registered nick, we will show you how to register a nick should you wish to reserve it.

Since synIRC is a fairly new IRC network, its not in the common list of IRC servers that come programmed into mIRC, to be able to access the server you will need to add synIRC to the list of servers within mIRC, to do this click on "Servers" in the "Connect" submenu, you're window will change to something similar to that shown in Fig 2. below

Fig 2. mIRC Options with Servers sub menu

To add the synIRC servers to the list you need to click on "Add" this will open a new window similar to that shown in Fig 3. below

Fig 3. Edit/Add Server Window

Enter the above information into your window and click ok,
This will create the synIRC group and allow you to create a perform script based upon joining the synIRC network

You are now ready to join the network and enter the channel, to do this, click on synIRC group you have just created and click select, this should connect you to the network, if it doesn't you can click on "Connect" and click "Connect to server" at this point the options window will close

once you have connected to the network it will either tell you the nick you have entered is registered or in use, if it does you will need to change your nick, the easiest way to do this is to enter the following command /nick <new nick>, keep repeating this till you find a nick you like that is not registered or in use

Once you have a nick that you are happy with you can now join the channel, to do this enter the following command /join #tv-nihon

Provided you have entered the command right it will open a new window which is called the channel, you will know you are in the right place as there should be loads of users in the channel and the first thing you will get is the channel topic which will look something similar to that shown in Fig 4 below

Fig 4. #TV-Nihon channel topic

Now at this point it would be worth reading the rules for the channel, you can find these by issuing the following command !rules

Enjoy and remember to say Hi every now and then, we don't bite .... much

Registering your nick

Now that you have set up base camp in the channel you might want to register your nick so that you don't lose it and have to hunt for a new one every time you connect

To register your nick you need to switch the network window, once on this screen you need to issue the following command

/nickserv register <password> <email>

replace <password> with the password you want to use
replace <email> with a valid email as you will receive a confirmation email with an activation link in it

Once you have your confirmation email you need to copy the activation link into the network window and hit return, this will complete the registration process.

Now when you join the synIRC network you will need to identify yourself by entering your password into the network window, to identify yourself you need to issue the following command

/identify <password>

<password> is what you provided during registration

remember to remove the <> they are not needed, they are just there as a descriptor

Creating a perform script

To make joining the IRC world easier on a daily bases you can create a perform script to take effect when ever you join a network, in this section we will show you how to create this script.

To create the script you need to enter the Options menu again by clicking on "Tools" and then "Options" from the drop down menu

Once in the menu select "Options" from the "Connect" sub menu, it should look similar to that shown in Fig 1 below

Fig 1. mIRC Options with connect options

You need to click on "Perform" to open a new window to allow you create the script, the new window will look similar to that shown in Fig 2 below


Fig 2. Perform Script window

You will need to check the "Enable perform on connect" for the script to work
Next you need to make the script specific to synIRC, to do that click on "Add" and find the synIRC group and select that

Now you can enter the script

The first line you will need is
/nickserv ghost <nick> <password>
This line allows you to boot any one who has managed to get onto your nick

The next line is
/nick <nick>
This line specifies which nick you wish to use

The 3rd line is
/identify <password>
This line lets the nickserv know you are the rightful owner of the nick

The final line you need is
/join #tv-nihon
This line tells the network that you want to join the #tv-nihon channel and will open up the channel for you

Once you have entered everything you need to click "ok" on both windows to save the changes

At this point it might be worth restarting mIRC/Sysreset to make sure the changes take effect, with any luck when the software starts you will log straight into the network quickly followed by the channel

Tweaking mIRC/Sysreset to allow DCC sessions on Port 59

Before you being to download anything you need to make some minor adjustments to mIRC/Sysreset software.

To make the adjustments to the software from the main window click on the “Tools” drop down menu, from this menu click on “Options”

The mIRC options window will open, once the window has opened, click on “DCC” as shown in Fig 1

Fig 1. mIRC DCC Options Window

For the basic user if you adjust your settings to that shown in Fig 1. you should be alright like that, once you get more comfortable with the software you can add trusted senders to the Trusted list, this will stop bad senders sending stuff to you

Next up you can adjust where items are downloaded to, if you click on "Folders" on the DCC submenu the window will change to Fig 2.

Fig 2. mIRC DCC Folders Options

Above is the default folder list of where items download to, you can either keep these or change them and make your own custom filters to divert certain types of files to different folders, but that is for the more advanced user

To make sure you don't get any bad files sent through that you don't want you can set up a filter to only accept certain types of files, to do this click on Ignore in the DCC submenu, this will change to the window to that shown in Fig 3.

Fig 3. mIRC DCC Ignore Options

We would advise that you remove the *.* option from the list and add in the ones shown in the list, please remember that you need to add the * before the . to ensure the wildcard works properly.

Your almost ready to start downloading files from IRC now, only a couple more adjustments to make to mIRC

Nearly all Fserves use port 59 to send files, you need to set mIRC to use this port other wise you wont be able to receive files, to make the change click on "Server" in the DCC sub menu as shown in Fig 4.

Fig 4. mIRC DCC Server Options

Make adjustments to this section to display what is shown in Fig 4. This will allow your DCC sessions to work properly

With more and more people now using Routers, you will more than likely have to set up some form of Port Forwarding to allow the port to be forward properly, due to the vast amount of routers out there we cant give guides on how to achieve this, but thankfully there is a web site,, if you're router isn't there you could probably ask someone in the channel as someone may have your router and know how to set up the port forwarding, but there is no guarantee that we will know how to fix your problems.

You may need to adjust you're firewall settings as well to allow traffic through on Port 59, again due to the various amount out there we can't produce a guide for this, you might be able to ask in the channel for help as again some one may be using that version of the software.

With all this done you can now progress to reading through the Download guides depending on which version of the software you are running.

One final thing, the channel isn't always chatty, it just depends on the time of day and where the most people are (time zone wise)

Thank you for reading this guide
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Re: Guide to setting up mIRC

Post by XIII »

Grouping Nicks

Now some of you may have more than one nick you want to use, but dont want to have to identify everytime you change your nick, or you have special privaladges on one nick (ie op status)

fear not, there is a tool within IRC that allows you to link all your nicks together, so for the people with loads of nicks this will help you no end

I DO stress that the following guide should ONLY be followed by those experienced with IRC, if you mess the following up you may end up losing all your special privileges if you do something wrong.

So to start your grouping switch to the nick you want to join to your primary nick

Now enter the following line

/nickserv group <target-nick> <password-of-the-target-nick>

replacing <target-nick> with your primary nick


<password-of-the-target-nick> with your password of the primary nick

if succesful nickserv will prompt you that it has been,

if your secondary nick is registered it will ask you to de-register the nick before allowing you to group the nicks, to deregister your secondary nicks enter the following code

/msg NickServ DROP

you will now be able to group the secondary nick with your primary nick

Once you have grouped your nicks, you will only have to use your password once when you sign in, please note that the password will be the same for all your nicks, now you can save yourself from identifying all those times

Additional comments about grouping

- The list of nicks available within your group can be consulted using the following command: /nickserv glist.

- Keep in mind that if you wrongly group one of your nick (e.g. you choose a wrong target nick), all your settings of that one nick will be lost and we will not be able to restore them.

- For more detailled information, feel free to consult the following online help:
/nickserv help GROUP and /hostserv help GROUP.
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