Guide to setting up an fserve

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Guide to setting up an fserve

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So you want to give back some of the goodness you have downloaded, one of the ways to give back is to create an Fserve for use within the channel.

This is a quick run down of how to create an Fserve using Sysreset 2.55, the interfaces shown here differ greatly from the 2.53 version of the software

To create an Fserve you need enter the File Server Manager, to get there click on "Sysreset" and then "File Server Manager" from the drop down menu,
a new window will open up that will be similar to that shown in Fig 1 shown below

Fig 1. File Server Manager

From this tab you can control the queues on your server, but we will come back to that later on, for now you need to check the "Expert Mode" box and then click on the "Server Config" tab, it will look similar to that shown in Fig 2 below

Fig 2. File Server Manager - Server Config Tab

Adjust the settings to that which are shown in Fig 2, these will be the best settings for the time being till you become more adept at managing an Fserve

Once you have done that you need to click on "Queue Options" and select "File Server Options", this will change the window display to similar display shown in Fig 3 below

Fig 3. File Server Manager - File Server Options

Adjust your settings to match those shown above in Fig 3, you need to make sure that in the Advanced Networking area you have checked "Enable Firewall Workaround" with the port set to 59, but have RDCC Server unchecked, the "Color Configuration can be anything you want, there is an addon which gives more options but that is for the more advanced users

Once these adjustments have been completed you can now move onto creating the triggers to allow users to access your Fserve, to do this click on the "File Server Triggers" tab, it will be similar to that shown in Fig 4 below

Fig 4. File Server Manager - File Server Triggers

To add a trigger, click on "Add"
Enter a trigger name, try to be original here to make your Fserve stand out
Its best to click cancel to the welcome note section
Select the folder you wish to target

That will create the trigger, to make the trigger only available to the users of a certain channel you can specify this by de-checking "All Chanels"
Now click on the trigger
In the text box below "Trigger Channels:" enter #tv-nihon
Click "Add"
This will lock that trigger to just #tv-nihon

You can add a description of what your Fserve is or what you are sharing in the "Description:" box, this will allow users to see what you are offering without having to enter the Fserve

One Final setting, check the box "Respond To !list"

That is your Fserve set up, now all you need to do is set the Fserve to be online and you'll be away

To set your Fserve to be online you need to click on "Sysreset" and then "Servers Active" from the drop down menu and finally click "On" from the sub menu,
see Fig 5 below

Fig 5. Activating Fserve

Once you have your Fserve online you can issue the command !voiceme in the channel, provided your server responds you will be voiced which will show others that you are running an Fserve

It might also be worth asking an Op or who ever is in the channel to check that they can access your Fserve to make sure its functioning correctly, also make sure you have set up port forwarding and firewall rules as needed.

Thank you for reading this guide
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