EX_Japan (Yokatta) Middleman Service

Money can be traded for goods and services
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EX_Japan (Yokatta) Middleman Service

Post by XIII »

Since the original info has gone missing

A top quality middleman service is via EX_Japan otherwise known as Yokattta Shopping Service, they accept requests via the forums PM service via the below account


The also opperate a website which has a list of open pre-orders for web exclusives

They also accepts requests to facilitate in Yahoo Japan Auctions, Amazon Japan 2nd Hand Sales, Pre-Orders for exclusives, and some harder to find stuff, but they do charge extra for autions and hard to find stuff

A full list of prices are here http://yokattaweb.jp/services.html

Quite a few people on the forum can attest to their service and professional nature, they do come highly recommended

Hopefully this thread wont disappear this time
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Re: EX_Japan (Yokatta) Middleman Service

Post by Catastrophe »

Just backing up what Azazel said, I have ordered off Yokatta for all my web exclusives, Yahoo Japan Auctions, and even getting them to source something from Japanese suppliers that normal websites (like HLJ) may not be able to get. Price is exceptional for the service, which is fantastic.
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