KRW 48 released

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KRW 48 released

Post by takenoko »

Man, that was just fucking good

I think Shoutarou's actor was really crying in that part. I mean, how can you not? Truly amazing stuff

W truly stands out in that you can see the polish that went into it. Like if this were a lesser Kamen Rider series, Akiko would probably be some superficial girl whose face-removal wouldn't warrant an emotional response But since she's important to Philip, Shoutarou, and to the audience, lifting her head up and seeing her face gone is genuinely shocking

So many great things about this episode. Shoutarou finally putting the hat on, no longer needing a father figure or a partner to do it for him. Shoutarou is half-boiled no longer. And it's an effective moment, since we see all the soul searching he goes through and what it takes to push him to that place

Poor Saeko, no one to grieve for her. It's funny how Philip acts like Wakana is his only sister. It's never really "let's save Wakana and Saeko!". Although given their past and the nature of their relationship, maybe this is a natural thing for him to feel?

No episode title? Is it because the letters only existed as part of the Philip lookup theme, and now that he's gone, it doesn't count?

Was that flashback supposed to explain Wakana's change of heart? Because if it was, it's sort of lame and doesn't explain her drastic personality change

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Re: KRW 48 released

Post by Cheetah »

I cried... a lot... :cry:
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Re: KRW 48 released

Post by Alkaid »

It's really telling when you feel for these characters and even after almost a year; they've become such an intregal part of your lives. (in a viewing aspect, I mean, but hey; take it as you will)

Someone once told me that you know you're reaching the end of a Kamen Rider series/season when the body count starts going up rapidly. How this relates to pretty much right on the mark.

Each of the deaths so far, from Ryuubei to Saeko (and now, Philip's apparent demise) have each been made to move the story along but you do feel for them (obviously especially Philip from most viewers POV, but I felt badly for both Ryuubei and Saeko as well) as they perish.

Also, taking faces is just...odd. I understand what it was supposed to accomplish but it's still rather odd to see, no matter the premise. (Also, why in the world was everyone screaming for Philip? Did Utopia just politely ask them to do it as he was removing their faces or did something about Utopia just 'scream' "Oh look, he's gunning for Philip?")

The Taboo/Utopia fight looked odd to me as I watched it but then I remembered that Taboo normally flies and by keeping her grounded, it also showcased Utopia's powers as well.

It was almost odd not seeing Ryuu/Accel this episode but yet again, it was the "final" battle for W with Philip/Shou and that was to be expected. Plus, when you're practically Kentucky Fried inside and out; it makes sense that you're not gonna be back for awhile.

So Philip's last gifts to Shoutarou were a book and what looks to be a single Driver. (Makes me wonder what everyone else got.)

The music was also great this episode (as most of the time, it is) but the songs really hit home with the mood and emotions being delivered as well. (Sorts of makes me wish there was a karaoke to them all in the episode but it would have taken away from the effect/battles, I'm sure.)

Again, these last couple of episodes could have easily been the 'final' episode, with everything starting to get resolved, so I'm horribly excited to see what Double's "final episode" brings.

(Is it just me or did Kazu seem an awful lot like a previous 'final enemy' from a series past? "Am I showing my emotions on my face?")
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Re: KRW 48 released

Post by Draiken »

Wow... Just... wow... ;_;

The whole thing was just beautiful. From Shoutarou's rush towards Kazu to save Wakana to the farewell to Philip to Philip's final gift... Everything. *sniffs*

Can't wait to see what the final episode holds.
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Re: KRW 48 released

Post by lonegamer7 »

Manly Tears/Tear Jerker. 'nuff said.

*wibbles* T_T
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Re: KRW 48 released

Post by Lunagel »

My reaction:

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Re: KRW 48 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

When all hope seemingly lost, Shoutarou managed to become a man and rescued Wakana without the power of W. Putting on the hat that his mentor used to wear was a great moment. No one told him that he earned it, he just knew that he did.

I feel bad for Saeko in the end that she died without beating Wakana. Even though she was acting to save her, she was conflicted by the action at the same time. Saeko was truly the sister who really had nothing but her pride as a woman. As for Wakana, I think the flashback meant that she was willing to do anything to save the Earth after hearing its lamentation. Kazu did even admit that his declaration of love towards Saeko couldn't be taken seriously with his tone of voice. When you steal people's faces, you can't achieve Utopia that way. You can't force Utopia much less forcing someone to love you, Kazu. Especially when dealing with a woman like Saeko.

I guess no last chance save for Philip who managed to get his wish and save Wakana. It was a hard moment for Shoutarou to release Xtreme and let Philip disappeared like that. The moment when Shoutarou was reading the book that Philip left him was truly touching. That has to be one of the greatest KR moments ever. If you don't feel anything at that moment, you're just heartless.

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Re: KRW 48 released

Post by zeta_gundam »

This was a good episode. It was a nice touch, Shoutarou placing on the Boss' fedora. I can't help but feel for Shoutarou at the end when he released the Xtreme memory, probably for the last time. I don't know what else to say about it, other than the fact that it was rather tear jerking.
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Re: KRW 48 released

Post by RiderFan »

First of all, thank you to the staff of tvnihon and the crew for subbing this series till the end. Secondly, this has got to be the most interesting season of kamen rider and has entertained me for the entire year. It was a great series, and it will be missed. The end of W, the beginning of OOO... Thank you again tvnihon.
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Re: KRW 48 released

Post by DDRDiesel »

Man, I've been waiting a LONG week to post this picture (OC):


Manly tears, indeed
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Re: KRW 48 released

Post by Mr Boo Boo »

Thank you TV-Nihon for subbing this great series. Such a great ending... :(
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Re: KRW 48 released

Post by Catastrophe »

Holy Shit. That was epic. I don't think there has been a Rider on Kajin Kick since Kuuga (at least I think Utopia was going for a kick). Truly awesome.

I think Shotarou managed to overcome Utopia's crazy emoting stealing crap because Utopia couldn't understand the symbol of the Bosses hat.

Also, three songs in one episode? Amazing.

Wasn't expecting that lost driver in the box. Also, poor Ryu, looks like a mummy.

Also, I'm pretty sure there's one more episode guys.
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Re: KRW 48 released

Post by Leonite Rider »

This epsiode... if it weren't for the Lost Driver, this episode could have easily ended it... but it looks like they're going for one more episode, to finish this series with the style it deserves. The series started with one detective, putting on that white fedora, the Lost Driver and a black Memory, and it's going to end that way too.

The only problem I had which wasn't adressed is the memories. I know Extreme and the elemental memories (And likely Fang) are gone, but what about Metal and Trigger? But then, perhaps I am simply counting my minor problems, like I would count up my sins.

Final lookup complete Phillip, you may move on.

Good luck, Kamen Rider Hidar Shoutaro, or maybe it's best to say Kamen Rider Joker.
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Re: KRW 48 released

Post by Supernova-IXA »

*Sniff* I cried during Shoutarou and Philip's parting, but I cried even more with Cyclone Effect Acoustic Edit in the back and when Shoutarou opened his present, heh nice one Toei. You really know how to make a dude cry ^_T

The best part of this episode was really when Shoutarou went HardBoiled on Kazu, woo!

"Even if it's just one body, I'll bring you down. Having that heart is what makes me a Kamen Rider!"

I still can't forget Philip's last message to Shoutarou:

"Please take care of my beloved city. Kamen Rider... Hidari Shoutarou"

-From your partner
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Re: KRW 48 released

Post by Dikkir »

I enjoyed 48 very much and cried a lot. It was a very touching, meaningful one.

But about the fight I do have some problems and this image tells just right what I want to tell. About the hat. Yeah, I do understand its meaning (greatest Shoutarou's character development ever!) but it doesn't seem... realistic. This pic was posted on HJU. DON'T open this if you don't want your emotion to be somehow... ruined XD.


Thanks TV-Nihon for the release!
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