Gosei 40 released

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Gosei 40 released

Post by takenoko »


What's the deal with the jokes about the guys dressing in women's clothing? That's the second comic about that. Was there a scandal or something about it?

By the way, I was lying in bed last night and I suddenly realized the monster of the week's name is Back to the Future. However, a story about time travel is no good if you cannot actually change the past! Sure, we finally get to see how the Goseigers meet, which was oddly missing in the first episode, but the fact that the whole sequence is reset when Alata is returned to the present day just makes it seem like a waste of time as a subplot. He may as well have been in a sub dimension or another town out of Datas sensor range and it still would have been the same

Edit: Going through this episode, it doesn't make sense for Hyde to deny the Warstar's existence since Magis died fighting one. Seems like he would be the one guy to support Alata

One thing that I did really like is that Alata loses his temper when dealing with the past Goseigers. He understands the urgency and the frustration seems genuine. It's kinda great since you rarely see that emotion in Alata
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Re: Gosei 40 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

Looking at that comic, it appears that he took them from Super Sentai VS Theater since the logo is on upper right on the first two panels. Since Dekaranger is infamous of having DekaBreak dressing as a woman from time to time, it might be referring to that.

I was hoping Nozumu would mention something about Alata being in the past at the end of the episode but it was lame that the past was reset. If I recall, the Goseigers didn't meet as a group between the 10 days from the Tower of Heaven fell to when Alata meets Nozumu. I think Hyde didn't want to the others know that Magis died so soon if it happen just before Alata called him.

I thought for a second that Buredo Run intentionally got his right arm injured to disable the punishment bomb but I rewatched it and saw that it wasn't on the right arm but right hip.

Ground GoseiGreat look awesome in the sunset. There need to be more sunset/night battles.
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Re: Gosei 40 released

Post by Magenta »

I don't really watch Gosei much, I have to admit - it's pretty much on before OOO so I tend to have it on in the background when I'm talking to people.

...but god damn, I loved this two-ep arc. When the music from ep 1 kicks in as they all transformed in the past to support Alata, it sent a shiver down my spine, I have to admit.

Hooray for time travel copouts!
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Re: Gosei 40 released

Post by Catastrophe »

I'm glad they took the effort to Stretch the plot out over two episodes. It wouldn't have worked crammed into one, and all the action in them made it worth it.
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Re: Gosei 40 released

Post by [cg]sasuke »

Buredo-run saved metal alice? Buredo-run is running the show again!
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Re: Gosei 40 released

Post by DereklBarona »

[cg]sasuke wrote:Buredo-run saved metal alice? Buredo-run is running the show again!
That was apparent from just this week's opening. The guy who shows up in the center during the villain shot is basically the guy in charge of things, and Buredoran was off to the left both times before. Guess where he is now?

I bet he's already begun plotting on how to take out Roboclod, and it starts with getting Alice on his side. After the abuse she's been taking the last couple episodes, jumping in front of the shot like that probably just shot him straight up the list of people she'd rather work for. Even if he's NOT secretly "awake", he's clearly still got his Buredoran-ness going.

Speaking of Roboslog, I will admit he's moderately more interesting now that we've seen him fight. The arm blade looked pretty cool, and it was a neat touch how the inner segments of his armor were the ones to shift around for his defensive move. He's still not as interesting to look at as Kingugon or hell, even Dereputa, but you can't argue that he isn't loaded for bear at least. Still, Alata fought him down to the obligitory 75% health for a "Let me see how powerful you are" boss fight, so unless he's got some other specials to pull out, it won't be much longer before Buredoran and Alice decide he's no longer necessary and leave him out to dry.
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Re: Gosei 40 released

Post by m4rc0 »

They wasted 5 eri-dons. They wasted the juice too, but if I were in their place I wouldn't want to drink Landick juice, if you know what I mean...

That sushi looked tasty.

I won't even comment the inconsistencies of the time travel. I never expected this show to make it make sense.

Robogog has some cool moves, but in terms of presonality he hasn't much to offer. Moving around in that costume must be hell for the suit actor...

Alice will probably betray Robogog with Buredoran, because of the abuse and stuff... Suddenly, it seems that I'm writing about a soap opera.

About the opening, many anime could learn with sentai. Most modern sentai, like Goseiger, never spoil the plot in the ops, even if they have to do dozens of ops with small differences between them.
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Re: Gosei 40 released

Post by Ash Rudel »

Time travel without a bullet train or a spooky door inside a dragon castle?
Unheard of.

It was interesting in the past that they touched up on how much of a distrust there is between the three tribes. Something I honestly didn't expect.

And Robogog, you're stealing more of V3's tricks. Using a hurricane. :lol:
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Re: Gosei 40 released

Post by Battra »

Sorry I used up all my Back to the Future puns in last weeks post.

Yeah kinda disappointing that we have an entire time travel episode then it goes to waste by apparently everything being reset? How does that work exactly, we could've showed how Alata knew about Dereputa in the past, we could've even had last episode where the team recognizes Bakutofūji-ER as they had previously fought him in the past. It was nice seeing Alata actually lose him cool & get frustrated with the past team's unwillingness & distrust of each other, which is something they really never touched upon much in this series.
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Re: Gosei 40 released

Post by archer9234 »

The whole Time Travel part made no damn sense. Did Alata have access to his super armor or what, in the past. He already had his change card available before the others. But he uses nothing. Then everything is reset... Way to waste a good way to potentially save Master Head. Yeah, you blew up ER. The things you did still happened. You just came back to the present. What reset...
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Re: Gosei 40 released

Post by Neiul »

Despite the plot holes, that episode was AWESOME. I loved the contrast between the team then and how they are now, reminds me how much they've developed as characters over the course of the show, and it was really heartwarming how they all came together at the end. I also really like the current villains; I like the Buredo-run amnesia thing, and Robogog just looks friggin cool, even if he doesn't really have much in the way of personality. Metal-Alice is probably my least favourite of the villains, but I think she has the potential for some interesting character development with her growing resentment of Robogog. The only thing I didn't like was the time-reset, which seemed kinda pointless since not all that much actually happened in the past but oh well.
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Re: Gosei 40 released

Post by Duskmon897 »

What's the possibility of a love triangle between Buredo-run, Metal Alice, and GoseiKnight? Alice and Knight I had a feeling about since they first clashed, but now with Buredo-run...?
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Re: Gosei 40 released

Post by AeonRanger »

time for some time paradoxies people. what if alata had succeded in stopping the tower of heaven from being destroyed would everything that happened so far in the series never had happened? would gosei knight never had come into being? or would the earth have been destroyed if the goseigers went home. it's a shame alata never actually got a chance to save the tower of heaven.
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Re: Gosei 40 released

Post by PHurricane »

I thought it was a great episode for Alata. From an in-universe perspective, it's very subtle that Alata is the leader of the team. Heck, they devoted a whole episode to the fact that they don't have a leader and they work so that their individual strengths can be maximized. From a viewer's perspective, there's an expectation that the person in red is the leader. I think this episode blended those two concepts together - Alata wasn't commanding the past versions of his teammates because he was "the leader", he did it because he was trying to coax them to their full potential. However, it also ended up being the most demonstrative with the other Goseigers we've seen him be all season, which was very cool.

Great acting by Alata in conveying the urgency and determination he felt to change the past. The reactions from the rest of the team...not as convincing. It felt more like they were acting worried instead of being worried.

I'm not sure I entirely buy the "time was reset" explanation. The very first time we see Alata in Epic 1, right as the Tower is being destroyed, he's already GoseiRed. The versions of the Goseigers that Alata revisits during the time jump don't even know how to access their Change Cards. I'd like to think that future-Alata's actions had some influence on the past. Probably not, but at least it makes the time traveling subplot feel like it has more meaning than just reminding Alata that he's always wanted to protect the planet.
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