Gosei 49 released

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Gosei 49 released

Post by takenoko »

Another pretty intense episode

Some nitpicks though...

Mons Drake shouldn't have appeared as a ghost. He was never betrayed by Burajira since he died at the hands of the Goseigers

Also, I'm now a ghost

I'm firing purple lazers. Pew pew pew pew


Also, way to get yourself blown up for the final battle, GoseiKnight. Here's how it should have went down:

"Everyone! I know where Burajira's base is. Follow me, get in your Gosei Machines, and we'll blow it up with him in it!" Or something. I guess he missed the memo about Sentai more or less meaning "team"

Wasn't there a solar eclipse at the beginning of the show? Solar something. I guess that connects the beginning to the end in a way?

I liked the way the mecha are used in a way besides beating up an enlarged enemy. It also allows everyone to participate in this battle in some way

It would have been pretty cool to see Alata receive everyone's powers at the loss of his comrades' lives, but I guess that would just make him a second Burajira

Despite all this, highlight of the episode: Alata barehandedly backhanding away Burajira's fireball. Alata is so cool sometimes
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Re: Gosei 49 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

It was solar flares at the beginning of the series.

The purple lasers were lame.

I liked how Alata was facing the decision to become the second Burajira by sacrificing the others but I think in Burajira's case, I think he stole his comrades' power while the other Goseigers were willing to give it up. And backhanding a fireball while unhenshined, so awesome.
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Re: Gosei 49 released

Post by gh0stwrit3r »

Lol for someone very precise like GoseiKnight, that was a very stupid thing to do.
I like how it becomes very Red-centric near the end of the series.

next series spoiler
Guessing by GokaiRed's name, Gokaiger is going to be pretty Red-centric as well. xD
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Re: Gosei 49 released

Post by Yugure »

This was a really amazing episode.
I really liked how Burajira tried to convince Alata to sacrifice his comrades, and how surprised he was when Alata backhanded the fireball
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Re: Gosei 49 released

Post by enthalith »

IMO it would be better if they actually gave the powers to Alata and Alata deflect it with the backhand =P Its weird how they wait for so long after the decision to give up their powers.

Im so glad that finally a villian in the Sentai series actually thinks about contradictions that the heroes make.

Geez, dont show the ex-villians without using them, useless lasers? pfft. There is hardly any point in showing them and then let them get blown away by a wave of the hand.
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Re: Gosei 49 released

Post by PHurricane »

As soon as Hyde offered his powers to Alata, I thought Alata would become a second Burajira in terms of power, with the key difference being that his teammates willingly offered his powers as opposed to Burajira stealing the powers from his team. That would have been a pretty dramatic twist, but it wouldn't be much of a sentai finale if they killed off the rest of the team before the final battle.

Alata does have some awesome moments, particularly during the last few episodes. He doesn't strike me as a mere apprentice anymore. He's come a long way from the boy who couldn't maintain his Tensou techniques and lost his Change card in the opening episode.

The lasers showing up with the villains were weird. If it wasn't for those, I would have assumed that the other villains were just Burajira's memories of the groups that he infiltrated. Then again, since they didn't actually hurt him, maybe even the attacks were just figments of Burajira's imagination.
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Re: Gosei 49 released

Post by archer9234 »

The ghost showing up where a bit weird. Plus, no Metal Alice? He killed her in cold blood. Knight not bringing the team with him was a really dumb move. Then again, the team never asking where the place is, was dumb move too. I wonder how Master Head was able to summon Gosei Ultimate.
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Re: Gosei 49 released

Post by DereklBarona »

The spectre villains thing was actually a pretty neat scene, IMO. It establishes once and for all that Burajira really had no consideration for the people he trampled on to get this far, but it's more reflective than that. It's more like his one personal recap scene of what he had to do and who he had to deal with before turning into the final villain. Plus, he even admits that the Yuumajin beat him, which isn't something you'd expect a schemer character like him to do. The thing about the lasers was really more like the ineffectual anger of the dead directed towards him, and how little he really cares.

Knight's an idiot, and they wanted to write him out of the big fight. End of story.

Honestly, I was expecting the "sacrifice your comrades for the power to win" thing to come up an episode or two earlier than this. From the moment Burajira admitted to absorbing the powers of the other angels of his time to win, I was expecting someone (Hyde) to start openly considering the possibility that they might have to willingly do the same thing to give someone (Alata) the edge needed to win, and talk to everyone about it. It played out about the same as I expected it to, but it felt like it was just one of those things they threw in randomly at the last second to kill a few more minutes of the episode.

And goddamn, Alata. First he beats the hell out of Knight and hits him with a Gosei PAUNCH, then he backhands a fireball. Screw the henshin, all he needs is some GAR.
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Re: Gosei 49 released

Post by Kamen Rider Aranu »

I think that's the only time Eri and Arata have combined their weapons..
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Re: Gosei 49 released

Post by Barim »

archer9234 wrote:The ghost showing up where a bit weird. Plus, no Metal Alice? He killed her in cold blood. Knight not bringing the team with him was a really dumb move. Then again, the team never asking where the place is, was dumb move too. I wonder how Master Head was able to summon Gosei Ultimate.
If those were actual ghost/residual images of the deceased, it makes sense Alice isn't there, as she was in no way alive. She was purely a robot. While Robogog had a human conscience.
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Re: Gosei 49 released

Post by Shado Kabuto »

IM FIRING MAH PURPLE LASER!!!!!! Close to the big finale
Alata surprise me sometimes with his own way of assessing the situation.
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Re: Gosei 49 released

Post by Catastrophe »

Kamen Rider Aranu wrote:I think that's the only time Eri and Arata have combined their weapons..
Nah, first time was the fight against the three KT03 before Robogog, although we didn't actually see them doing it, they just shot the Sky Dynamic from it.

Master Headder possessing Gosei Ultimate seems kind of fitting, it's modelled in his image after all.
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Re: Gosei 49 released

Post by Tuss4 »

there is a mistake in the hiragana for kaishoku, you spelled it kaikishoku. I don't mean to be that guy, lmao, I just recently took a Japanese course XD! Looking forward to this ep.

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Re: Gosei 49 released

Post by Ash Rudel »

The Ghost "General" bit was interesting, fitting that Burajira pointed out all thier flaws as one last "screw you guys" before sending them on thier way.

Purple Lasers....uhhh....Danny Phantom logic i guess..

I do agree that the whole idea of handing over thier powers coulda been brought up sooner, but the in the heat of battle made the scene more powerful i think.

And damn Alata. You went from skipping to Gosei "GRIT THOSE TEETH!" now to badass fireball smacker.
Way to grow into a true Red hero.
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Re: Gosei 49 released

Post by Netto no Zen-Aki »

It was a great episode. I did enjoy it when Master Head ghost out of the Professor and called Datas to follow him.

And of course, the idea of using the powers of the other Tribes is an interesting thought, the idea of Red VS Villian would have been epic especially if they modified GoseiRed's suit to have the Gosei emblem instead of just the Skick emblem on it.

On a side note: can't wait for Gokaiger to start up.
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