Geki VS Bouken HD (SD people read the first post)

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Geki VS Bouken HD (SD people read the first post)

Post by Phoenix512 »

It was sort of funny that Gokaiger 7 had the villain from Geki VS Bouken for the episode even though they weren't the same. We been working on this for about a month before the episode even aired. So now experience Pachq Kamek 13th's predecessor in HD but there are things you should know about.

1. This is from the VS Theater broadcast so that's why it's in two parts
2. Due to it being aired, they had to cut out pieces of scenes to fit for the broadcast time
3. Because of the edited nature of this, I felt that it wasn't necessary to make a SD encode of this since the DVD version does the job rather nicely
4. For the SD people, I made video files of the Goseiger clips that occurred beginning and end of each episode.

The next two points are about the future of VS Theater subbing

5. We aren't personally planning to sub VS Theater broadcasts since they're edited and letterboxed as well, this one is the only exception
6. But we are going to do all the Goseiger clips from them so expect that
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Re: Geki VS Bouken HD (SD people read the first post)

Post by Supernova-IXA »

Thank you guys so much for this release. It's gonna be awesome watching the Gekirangers and the Boukengers in High-Def. Great job to everyone who worked on this release ^_^
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Re: Geki VS Bouken HD (SD people read the first post)

Post by PHurricane »

Any excuse to watch my favorite VS movie again! It was necessary, but I was sad to see some of the cuts they made for the television broadcast. Particularly, Natsuki whapping Eiji on the head with the tennis rackets is one of my favorite moments from the movie. (At least Natsuki fawning over Bakeneko and the full ending sequence was still there.)

The Gosei team's comments were pretty amusing. It felt like they originally planned to cut Battle 28 off at an earlier spot in the movie. The comments about Sakura acting strangely and wondering what they plan to do with the red and blue balls are a little odd, considering they just watched the red and blue balls be used to open a portal by a monster that came out of Sakura.

Nice to know the lyrics to the Versus theme song too.
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Re: Geki VS Bouken HD (SD people read the first post)

Post by takenoko »

That's an interesting thing to note about the cut off point. They probably filmed the Gosei parts then realized they couldn't cut out enough to make the first part fit in half an hour. By then it probably was too much of a hassle to gather the five actors to rerecord. I wonder if they just sat down and recorded all the intro/outros in a row or if each one was done separately.
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Re: Geki VS Bouken HD (SD people read the first post)

Post by Coldfission »

It would be cool to put the rest up, just for kicks and giggles.
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Re: Geki VS Bouken HD (SD people read the first post)

Post by midorininger »

how come at the end, they gave that disclaimer about the movie being a work of fiction? was that normal for boukenger? because with gekiranger i dont recall seeing that.
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