Sailor Moon 03 Released

Currently redoing on DVD
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Sailor Moon 03 Released

Post by takenoko »

This episode introduces probably the most famous graduate of this series, Kitagawa Keiko. Personally, of the Inner Senshi, Mars is my favorite character. Hurray!
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Re: Sailor Moon 03 Released

Post by XIII »

Mars is a good character, one that doesnt take any crap from Usagi

I do laugh when Mars jumps out from under a pile of leaves, it just looks so un-natural in the way it happens, also what on earth was Tuxedo Mask doing in the area anyway, its not like any jewels were in the area at the time, I think he is just a perv, which would suit Lunagel well (/me ducks)
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Re: Sailor Moon 03 Released

Post by Lunagel »

/me chucks a moon wand at az's head

Personally I love this episode if only for Tuxedo Mask just walking off the set. At least in the anime he kinda disappears off somewhere but no, here he wanders vaguely away. There's nothing stopping Usagi from following him, and I can only imagine that a little ways off a little kid is asking his mother why there's a nut in a tuxedo and a mask walking through the park.
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Re: Sailor Moon 03 Released

Post by bobgoesw00t »

Oh god, yet another great time reliving some of my childhood with this. My mom just came down to see what I was talking about (she remembers me watching the anime when I was little), and she and I laughed at the monster this time...which was quite strange looking if you think about it. Over all, I'm really enjoying this trip down memory lane ^^.
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Re: Sailor Moon 03 Released

Post by Spiegel »

That's so great, PGSM was the first show I watched subbed by you guys. Thank you for re-releasing it, I planned to rewatch the show anyway, so this new and improved version is the perfect opportunity. :D

Mars was my favorite senshi in this version, I also like all the attention the minor characters like Naru and Motoki get.
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