Zero Black Blood 02 released

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Re: Zero Black Blood 02 released

Post by locuas »

she seems to feel a lot of pain in her right hand even when she is not wielding the sword, so maybe that is why it is so hard for her to use it, she can barely use her good hand.
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Re: Zero Black Blood 02 released

Post by Alessar »

I could have sworn they explicitly said women can't be makai knights because they are physically weaker, which is a crock of **** since the entire point of a knight's power is to spiritually control soul metal and make it change its weight to the wearer's wish. I think this was said in the Red Requiem movie when they introduced Rekka, and given as an explanation for why she didn't follow in her father's path. (Remember when Taiga died they couldn't pry his sword off the ground until Kouga mastered his arts and was able to attune to it...? Though Gonza once picked up the Garo blade in normal form until he remembered he wasn't supposed to be able to at which point it instantly weighed a ton and dropped to the floor.) So, as much as the bone thing is interesting and gross (for a second I thought it was going to be a hand transplant...) it's a kind of a retcon if they're now saying that the female spirit just can't control soul metal.

Oh and as far as Rei's comment he doesn't work with teams? I think he's just blowing off the noobs, you know?
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Re: Zero Black Blood 02 released

Post by AxemYellow »

Nice story development here. Ring seems like a really nice guy and is even upfront about the Horrors still eating a human occasionally. It's neat to see a Caucasian actor in a major part, though when he spoke English it was in that weird over-exaggerated manner they always seem to have on these shows. It was odd that Rei responded in French - maybe his actor speaks French but not English?

Do you know what that sauce was that Rei put all over his food?
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Re: Zero Black Blood 02 released

Post by Zaruba »

I thought it was syrup. Like Aunt Jemima lol.
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Re: Zero Black Blood 02 released

Post by Mandalori »

Ray Fujita is half-french. If you listen to the full ending (S#0 Scene Number 0 from Dustz, where he's the vocal), you can found a lot of French in the song? I can tell, I'm French.
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Re: Zero Black Blood 02 released

Post by takenoko »

Yeah, when Luna gave me the lyrics to the CD she warned me that there was French in the song. Luckily it doesn't appear in the TV size version.
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Re: Zero Black Blood 02 released

Post by Weather »

Well, here are some things to consider, at first there wasn't any Makai knights so there were only makai priests and priestesses, we don't know when exactly knights has been made, but from that episode with Zero and that samurai, it was for sure still in times when womans had... well, nothing, clean house, make baby, marry rich guy etc. So for a loooong time, i can see why no one would think to train woman as a knight, but even in 2014? Is it realyy just that CEO of Makai zoo are so sexist and likes le olde way of things? Or is it becos of the fact that woman are weaker than men? But that argument goes out of the window already, becos we've seen makai prientesses kicking ass just as good as knights. While that can't be a good reason, becos in they universe, after they school you're hulk, is it only becos highest guy in Makai, is old fashion to the extreme? Well.... I hate to say it, but it might be just that case. Order of makai is realyy old, and some things don't change over the time, so it wouldn't suprise me that they wouldn't try making girls into kngihts just becos they are busy with all the other stuff, and that how it was in ye olde times. Buuuuuuuut on the hand, they may not be able to use soul metal, Yuna needed to infuse his father bone in her hand, to use his blade....But here are some things, that make me rise my eyebrow. First of all, to use soul metal, you need a state of mind, or good heart or whatever (i don't remember that very well), the only blade that need something beside that is Garo Ken, which can be used only my someone worthy of the Garo title, so why would she think, that unfusing her dad bone into her hand, would allow her to weild it? I don't get it, why would it make difference? Its a frikking bone, and nothing else, soul metal doesn't work by scanning dna and checking if its his owner, that kind of thing wouldn't even work on Garo ken if you cutted off Garo hand ans sew it on your arm, becos it's just a hand, it doesn't make you get into state of mind to make soul metal light, and doesn't make you worthy of the Garo title. Yeah i've gone off tracks with this, but i can't understand why this bone fusion gives any effects...... Unless woman body realyy don't have what is required to use soul metal, which is annoying becos a) We're dealing with spiritual stuff, and bringing it down to simple biology is as good as midichlorians in star wars, b) even if it does give her what it takes to use soul metal, it takes sh*t load of time to get in the state of mind, to weild a little piece of soul metal, not saying anything about a sword, and also you know, regular sword fighting, and makai sword fighting... Who the heck was teaching her? This point won't hold water if story will gave us that person, but for now, it's seems like a stupid thing to do, unless she get's an armor later, then i'm all for it, but now she's having problems doing any kind of slashes, and show doesn't specify is it becos it wears her down, or she can't control the weight of the blade properly, but i think i go with the first one, cos when she fight against Zero she swings it without a problem. And they already said, that they needed an makai knight to defeat Ring, so with that kind of plan, she would be better, going full priestess, with her resolve, she would ace in it, and be on level of strongest makai priestesses, i mean she may get an armor or something like makai armor, but for now, that decision of putting her dad bone in her was just hotheaded...... And stupid by what we know about makai stuff.
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Re: Zero Black Blood 02 released

Post by Phoenix512 »

Paragraphs are your friend. Use them.
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