PGSM compared to anime article

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PGSM compared to anime article

Post by takenoko »

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Re: PGSM compared to anime article

Post by Sentai_ZXR7 »

Hello takenoko, I don't know if this the right thread to post the message to you.
I got the series batch but these are in AVI format, when I tried to playback on a Media Player hooked to the TV, the video is not fully playable, some distortion occurs.
Could be possible please to have the whole series encoded on either Mp4 or MKV?
Mp4 will look much better if being done with High Quality preset, (or Super High Quality for better viewing pleasure) the only problem is the font size which is small on screen.
With MKV being a format that is widely used, the image quality is much better than Mp4, the filesize is a bit more big, but worth the effort.
Sorry if this is a big ask, Am waiting for your response, thank you!
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