Tropical and HeartCatch Precure Movie: The Snow Queen

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Tropical and HeartCatch Precure Movie: The Snow Queen

Post by takenoko »

Just watched it. It's so good to see the HeartCatch girls again. Erika's still Erika and Blossom still has a thing for flowers. Wish Sunshine and Moonlight had bigger parts too, but it is what it is

Wow, the Tropical transformations take so long. I think it doesn't help that they have to announce each part that they're going to focus on. I forgot how long the HeartCatch transformations were, but it seemed a lot more streamlined by comparison. As always, their character designs are so good

This is my first time watching Tropical so obviously I feel the most affection for Laura/Rola since she had the biggest role. Was surprised that they decided to tell such a sad story for this movie. It's like out of an old school European fairy tale. Except it's more or less the Superman origin, but even more ridiculous (her parents really didn't have time to get in the hole with her?). Let that be a lesson, kids, make sure your fallout shelter is ready

With the song being the major focus at the end, it was pretty good. I'm glad the HeartCatch Precures joined in for the ending version. Also, their CGI dance looks so much better. It's amazing to see how much has changed in 10 years (12 years? Jeez)
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Re: Tropical and HeartCatch Precure Movie: The Snow Queen

Post by Phoenix512 »

Instead of the stand alone October movie, Precure are doing teamup movies with the current team meeting up with a previous Precure team which started last year with Healin Good teaming up with Yes Precure 5. They still have the massive spring all the Precures movies which I don't really watch anymore after DX 3. These teamup movies are closer to what made DX 1 great but right now, give the previous team a bit more screen time.

I'm assuming for the movie, they went with the long version of the transformation sequence. In the regular series, the entire Tropical team transformation just has one of the girls saying a body part.

It was a fun movie which the best girl got the important part except for one thing. Instead of Cure Summer using the Snow Ring, it should have been La Mer since the ring meant more to Laura.
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