Kamen Rider Revice 40 Discussion thread

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Kamen Rider Revice 40 Discussion thread

Post by takenoko »

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Last episode rating: 2.43 of 5 stars (7 votes)

Oh no, Daiji has a gun. Someone shoot him! Daiji gets a well-deserved slap.

LOL. Sniveling and shouting "but I'm right" makes Daiji a cool guy

That's a nice set of trees

Who put the Ninninger dad in charge? He kinda sucks

Wow everything's so dramatic. What a dramatic drama. So dramatic. Everyone yell, that makes it good drama

/me laughs at Daiji and Akaishi having a bonding moment. This is so dumb

Cool the mom and dad are fighting too. Tonal whiplash

Oh, there's a nutcracker at happy spa

Ikki thinks this is a sibling fight and Daiji literally thinks Ikki is a threat to humanity. It's so massively unbalanced

Oh, the girls and the weekend guy get busywork. Yaaay. That'll be an exciting battle

Akaishi makes his overpowered boss entrance

LOL Hana gets the fuck out of there

Man, TV needs to get better about the sacrificing yourself so others can escape. This is like the second bad one I've seen this week. That said, Akaishi and Weekend dad having a conversation isn't the worst thing. But it feels unearned considering how underdeveloped both characters are

Akaishi sees Daiji as family? What?

It's hard to tell what I want out of this show. The only characters that I really care about are Hana, Tamaki, Sakura, and Hiromi. But they're never given anything to do. The other guys are just so boring..

And this war scenario sucks too. Like a proper war story is broken up into significant battles that are meaningful to both the war as well as the characters fighting in it. The problem with Rider wars is that they're just a bunch of skirmishes that don't move the goal line in either direction, thus no stakes. Weekend mom dies? No one cares except weekend kid. Revice gets their ultimate power-up? Doesn't matter, not like they can beat Vail or Akaishi. Akaishi appears in person? Weekend dad dies, no one cares except weekend kid. If the weekend kid died? No one would care. This is a war without meaning
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Re: Kamen Rider Revice 40 Discussion thread

Post by Millsy »

They should Revice the show into something that's actually good

Every episode it goes lower and lower down my ranking.

I've never disliked a current airing show this much since I began to watch Tokusatsu back in 2014...

I loved Zero-One and I loved Saber - literal first and third favourite rider shows I've seen - and I was hoping Reiwa era rider would have continued the hot streak but DAMN did it fail on that end for me D:
watch ultraman ginga it's actually a really fantastic show
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Re: Kamen Rider Revice 40 Discussion thread

Post by Connie_Edogawa »

I feel like a recurring problem with Rider series of late is that they'll start strong when it's lower stakes and all that matters is the heroes trying not to die to the MotW or let innocents come to harm, but they don't handle the escalation to world ending threats so well. they have like half a season's worth of content at best, then chop it up in as many places as they need to get to a full season's episode count, and just liberally apply new forms to keep it from getting boring, but don't do any character work to justify any of it.

like, first 1/3: establish who the characters are, so you have a reason to care/keep watching/buy our stuff.
second 1/3: we have the moments we want to happen planned, because we have toys to sell. how do we get there? doesn't matter.
final 1/3: by now you should've forgotten whatever character types everyone had. they are now whatever we need them to be to have them all fight but not kill each other so we can pad out our run time until we have one big final battle.
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Re: Kamen Rider Revice 40 Discussion thread

Post by Arigomi »

Alternate episode title: "Who's your daddy!"

I was not expecting this show to focus so much on daddy issues. Maury Povich would be jealous.

The pacing for the escalation of the conflict is too drawn out, overstaying its welcome. The show has become a doomscrolling dramatization.

The communication problems between Ikki and Daichi reek of toxic masculinity. Unfortunately, their parents contributed to this by letting them resolve their issues in a dysfunctional way.
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