KR Black Sun 01 discussion thread

For the Riders we have not graced with our touch...yet
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KR Black Sun 01 discussion thread

Post by takenoko »

I didn't see it on my Amazon Prime, but I hear it's out?

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Re: KR Black Sun 01 discussion thread

Post by Kurow »

OMG! this sounds good. I going to watch it right now
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Re: KR Black Sun 01 discussion thread

Post by gh0stwrit3r »

Looks good so far. Seems to be going the Amazons route with all the gore, but a little more polish.

Feels kinda similar to an X-Men plot tho.
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Re: KR Black Sun 01 discussion thread

Post by Ashki »

Having finished all 11 episodes (10+ an episode zero), I have to say this was ALMOST perfect.

The highlights I won't mention specifically, but certain scenes in episode 5, 9, and MOST of episode 10 were amazing. There were parts where I literally felt 30 years younger.

Some of my big pet peeves with Amazons were addressed here, although there was still a lot of "smoke means henshin" going on. It's also a shame that Battle Hopper wasn't sentient, but it's not a huge deal for just how much we got.

However, there was one truly sour note that really hurt the series. There's a certain scene that was added into the epilogue that was in extremely poor taste and tainted the entire message of this series. I don't know why they thought it would be a good idea to add it, but it almost made me stop watching the moment I realised where they were going with it. It also makes Aoi out to be a terrorist, although I will admit that removing that toxic scene still leaves a lot of questions regarding Aoi and company's motives.

In all honesty, I'd say stop watching the final episode around 25:08 and you'll have a much better experience. The epilogue adds nothing to the story, questions the motives of several characters, and includes that offensive scene that should never have been included or even considered.

Sans epilogue, perfect 5/5. With epilogue, 4/5. With epilogue but minus the offensive scene, 4.8/5.
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