KR Sabela & Durendal discussion thread

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KR Sabela & Durendal discussion thread

Post by takenoko »


What is the relationship of these siblings?

Reika sandbagging her marriage interview is more character than she's allowed to have through all of Saber

What is this age gap in this flashback. He's a full grown man still and she's like 5

Oh, is that Magine's voice actress? LOL. People sure like that pairing

LOL, what is this mansion they live in. I'm sure none of the other swordsmen live in a castle

We couldn't afford to have Ren's actor come in the same day as the other actors

Not evena priest?

LOL, that joint attack where he slashes through his sister

Nice civilian clothes for Reika at the end

An inoffensive spin-off, more entertaining than Saber usually is

Edit: I take it back, the whole special was worth it to see Angela Mei act like a punk at her marriage interview

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Re: KR Sabela & Durendal discussion thread

Post by Thenosa Yechette »

I'm surprised that you guys did anything related to Saber after so long. But then I remembered that this is more of an Angela Mei special than a Saber special. So... :lol:
I didn't find it too entertaining. Kinda meh for me.

I have to say, though. Have any one of checked out the Saber Trio of Deep Sin V-Cinext yet? If not, I'd say you should. Cuz that one is actually good. I'm speaking as someone who dislikes Saber. And not to mention the ending song and its music video. It's questionable as to whether it's actually something related to Saber or not. If nothing else, please check out and possibly sub that music video. ... LTaVzbQqpw

8 years after the finale, Touma has an adopted son, Kento has a girlfriend, Rintarou meets his (supposed) dad. So it's worth watching.
I'd say more but I can't do that without spoiling anything.
Thenosa :)

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Re: KR Sabela & Durendal discussion thread

Post by Phoenix512 »

The Saber V-Cinema isn't good. It's not definitely the worst (Specter V-Cinema) but the origin of the villain is very dumb.
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Re: KR Sabela & Durendal discussion thread

Post by Lunagel »

Could've been better, could've been much worse. Lol at Ren literally phoning his part in.

I have to say though, I found the three minutes Angela Mei was on a New Year's prank show getting green slime vomited on by a large teddy bear much more worthwhile viewing.
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