Marvel rips off Toei

For the Riders we have not graced with our touch...yet
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Marvel rips off Toei

Post by takenoko »

<Lunagel> ... 8004117504
<Lunagel> Apparently this video is slightly trending in Japan now lol
<sqizo> Tokusatsu > avengers confirmed
<Lunagel> Toei steals from Marvel all the time, only right they return the favor
<sqizo> Are you referring to the best spiderman of all the spiderverse?
<sqizo> ... ax-1mb.gif
<Lunagel> Not that, a lot of the taisen plotlines are ripped straight from whatever marvel movie came out two years previous
<Lunagel> takenoko's always complaining about it, ask him

Just watch any Toei movie and think back on what Marvel movie within the last couple years it's lifted from
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