Are pachinko laws preventing new Garo series?

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Are pachinko laws preventing new Garo series?

Post by takenoko »


[22:06] <~takenoko> I heard konami is back in the games thing because of new gambling laws restricting their other pursuits, which is kind of funny
[22:06] <~takenoko> *new gambling laws in japan
[22:15] <|discord|`> <Verus> yeah the gov cracked down on pachinko
[22:20] <|discord|`> <Lunagel> Did they? How so?
[22:23] <|discord|`> <Verus> ... 5269486d4a
[22:23] <|discord|`> <Verus> this was all pre-covid stuff
[22:25] <|discord|`> <Lunagel> Huh
[22:26] <|discord|`> <Lunagel> That explains why that one parlor near me closed down in 2019
[22:26] <|discord|`> <Verus> Just realized the garo pachinko is in that thumbnail haha
[22:27] <~takenoko> is that why garo isn't being made anymore? no more pachinko sponsors ?
[22:27] <|discord|`> <Lunagel> It would fit the timeline
[22:27] <|discord|`> <Verus> Oh my god is the lever for the garo machine the sword
[22:27] <~takenoko> sounds like a good crackpot toku conspiracy to me
[22:27] <|discord|`> <Verus> I'm cackling
[22:28] <|discord|`> <Lunagel> Yes
[22:28] <|discord|`> <Lunagel> Get
[22:28] <|discord|`> <Lunagel> Sansei
[22:28] <|discord|`> <Lunagel> Oh yeah
[22:28] <|discord|`> <Lunagel> Today
[22:28] <|discord|`> <Lunagel> Tomorrow
[22:29] <|discord|`> <Lunagel> Sansei
[22:29] <~takenoko> I love that commercial, it's so hypnotic
[22:29] <|discord|`> <Lunagel> Love you Mr. Sansei
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Re: Are pachinko laws preventing new Garo series?

Post by Lunagel »

So the more stringent laws were enacted February 2018, and the last Garo project, Versus Road, came out in April 2020. Assuming that was already in pre-production, it's possible the new laws killed any new Garo tv show.
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