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Re: KR Geats 37 discussion thread

Post by Lunagel »

TrissieQ wrote: Fri Jun 02, 2023 5:21 am This is the best thing TOEI wize of the 2020's... Any disagreement?
Well we're only 3 years into the 2020s so...
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Re: KR Geats 37 discussion thread

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Lunagel wrote: Fri Jun 02, 2023 5:38 am
TrissieQ wrote: Fri Jun 02, 2023 5:21 am This is the best thing TOEI wize of the 2020's... Any disagreement?
Well we're only 3 years into the 2020s so...
And we're only three-quarters of the way through the show. Best to wait if it's over, and see if it sticks the landing.
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Re: KR Geats 37 discussion thread

Post by TrissieQ »

OK, I'm put in my place. I still think the only TOEI show that rivals it for juicy goodness in the 20s is Black Sun. And three years is a long time for TV. A very long time.
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Re: KR Geats 37 discussion thread

Post by Gokider »

Pamouza wrote: Thu Jun 01, 2023 10:36 am
Gokider wrote: Thu Jun 01, 2023 8:56 am They haven't really gone into where the power comes from and they seemed surprised Mitsume manifested it (hence the wish not being prize until after they turned her into the Goddess) and it seems Tsumuri is a successor that they've been preparing for when the Goddess hits her limit. This may suggest previous experience, but these shows often explain things for something new without saying how they know.

They say people aren't born, but made in the future, but haven't established if they carry any genetics from anyone else or just whip them up out of nowhere. Either way, whatever was done to make Tsumuri Mitsume's succesor will be enough for Ace to keep calling her his sister (not that he needed an excuse).

Also, I know the DGP staff have a shared theme with their names, but Mitsume and Tsumuri seem to take that a bit further.

The logistics of Ace's wish weren't established and since they all knew a wish was the cause, the wish just had them all live together with family positions as titles.
  • That may be true; but, that isn't exactly what I meant. I apologize for not being clear with my explanation on why I side more with Keiwa's albeit misguided ideology. I meant to say that what is really stopping them from continuing the DGP in general even without a goddess? Buffa may be morally correct in wanting to end it all, but so far we don't know if those who made the DGP can't just fabricate more people to run another game show, but in a different timeline. I'm just saying that until we figure out how Geats ends. The DGP will seem almost like Shocker in the sense that they have the ability (at least theoretically) to show up again no matter what. Since this reality isn't their own.

    Yes, the fabrication of individuals is what has led me to my original point. Yet you are also right. I do not know the capacity in which that wish has changed things, so potentially it could just be titles as you put it; but, the way Tsumuri-san's abilities seemed to almost grow and manifest faster (my speculation) after the wish has my brain thinking that Ace's wish had complications even he wasn't able to plan out.

    Now that you bring it up. The eye concept is everywhere. I know that it's new information bias, but once I realized the meaning of the names, the fact that the drivers are called desire driver, the entire tournament is a show of sorts, and the wish is what the contestant desires the most I assume is in part because of the old adage that “ the eye is the window to the soul ”. I am amazed by it all.
I wasn't getting into Keiwa's ideology at all. Just the fact that while the DGP does seem to be able to pop where and when it wants, the reality altering comes from the Goddess so without her, it wouldn't be what it is now.
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