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King-Ohger 22 discussion post

Post by takenoko »

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Ratings: 4 out of 5 (8 votes)

Two people gave last week's episode a 2? I don't think it was that bad. Did they just see it was a clip show and turn it off?

Why's he eating Shugod souls? What's that even mean?

Back to the boring normal op

The size difference is fun. So that's not Extreme King-Ohger?

Gotta admire the gems in King Kuwagata-Ohger's crown

Dang, Shugoddom got nuked. Oh, but I guess they were in a district outside the main wall?? Because this is is a CGI nightmare it feels like they're making things up as they go

Good thing there's a time limit even though the first attack didn't need charging

What's up with these directors and the perpendicular confrontations? It's weird

That Shugoddom bastard sure changed colors quick

Gotta love king bee just being the worst thief. Oh, so that's why he gave the lance to Gira

They gave Boshimaru's actor some more scenes

Suzume is pretty funny too

Racles is pretty tolerant to just let Suzume plant her sick bed by his throne

Racles has a corpse? That's pretty suspicious

Gira getting electrocuted again

Did I miss a scene. Why is Kuwagata the only one separate from the castle?

Teased with the castle robo but we don't get to see it in this episode. Instead, the Shugods kind of gather together and shoot a beam at the monster of the week? Not super satisfying!

No explanation for why Kuwagata has no soul? I really don't feel like the long story format works for Sentai. I don't like questions being brought up that won't be answered for a few episodes. It feels weird
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Re: King-Ohger 22 discussion post

Post by Yaiba »

So it's finally confirmed that the shiny gold thing that the Bugnarok were eating to grow giant were Shugod souls.

Kuwagata didn't have its soul was probably because Gira ate it with the Rainbow Jururira jello when he was a kid.

Jeremie seemed woefully unconcerned considering his partner's soul got eaten. To be frank, if the MOTW disabling the other Shugods caused the Rangers to de-transform, he shouldn't be able to transform in the first place.

I couldn't really tell whether Kaguragi and his sister were pulling each other's legs, or was that how they normally communicate. Suzume subverting the "pillow talk" image that everyone was imagining was pretty funny though.

Every time they did a close up to the lance, I can't get over how plastic it looked. My suspension of disbelief could deal with the swords, but the lance just looked very toy-y. Maybe because it was painted bright red.

No one seemed to worry that Gira is the most powerful person on the planet right now. He has the most powerful Crown form and he controls all the giant robot Shugods. If he really goes rogue no one will be able to stop him.

Oh look, that kid from the Racles's Secret special.
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Re: King-Ohger 22 discussion post

Post by FangTrigger »

Part of me wondered if Racles knew Suzume was a spy a just humored her because she kept things interesting for him. I know it wouldn't fit his character to do so, but it's still a scenario that I like to keep in my head.

Kinda always knew the castle was going to be this seasons Giant Mecha or something close to it. The coloring and designs gave it away.
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Re: King-Ohger 22 discussion post

Post by Aeikozz »

i see we back to the 1 star episodes >_<...

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