DekaMaster D-Sword Vega ~MEMORIAL EDITION~

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DekaMaster D-Sword Vega ~MEMORIAL EDITION~

Post by Yaiba »

Photos of DekaMaster's sword, a D-Sword Vega ~MEMORIAL EDITION~, has been exhibited at the "NARIKIRI WORLD 2023 After Exhibitions Vol.2". It's labeled as "prototype under development" (開発途中の試作品) and "will be commercialization" (商品化が決定).

I was thinking why did they only re-release the SPD License and the Fire Squad License, but not the Master License. This is so much better. Oh man, I want this so much~ ... 0422067205

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Re: DekaMaster D-Sword Vega ~MEMORIAL EDITION~

Post by Lunagel »

Oh man that is so gonna be $300
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Re: DekaMaster D-Sword Vega ~MEMORIAL EDITION~

Post by HowlingSnail »

The people who buy these weapon replicas must have unlimited space and money. I saw the Power Sword in a shop recently and wondered where I'd even put it.

Wonder if customs would raise alarm bells if tried to import a realistic-looking sword.
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