Boonboomger 18 discussion thread

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Boonboomger 18 discussion thread

Post by takenoko »

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Ratings for last week's episode: 4.38 out of 5 (8 votes)

Still no Boom Violet in the opening. Maybe next week

Guessing that card is his dad?

Again, it's kind of weird how pink and black still have day jobs

Okay, so Boom Violet's backstory is jsut lifted from Guardians of the Galaxy

Weirdly emotion for two guys who are virtually strangers

A man with glasses, it must be the same kid I grew up with!

Why don't the Jedi, I mean the Boonboomgers always use that light speed ability?

Wow, glasses has really good vision for a guy who wears glasses

Wow, some actual enemy crossfire. They don't usually focus on details like that

Wait, does this Sword Gurumaa have the same memories as the first one? It's just interesting world building, if the motw can be brought back to life like that

Ooh, look at those giant robos swing their big blades. That's pretty fun

lol, the purple cgi clouds behind Mach Robo

I wonder how many more times we'll get to see Mach Robo jump off that building before htie series ends

The stuff with the friend is nice, but a couple things. I was pretty tired of the slow reveal of Sakito's backstory last week, so I was pretty checked out. Especially since it's sort of what we all thought it'd be. I liked the acting for Red and Violet confronting each other, but it didn't work. They've known each other 1-2 weeks? The guest who was the friend should have had those scenes and the story should have been entirely focused on their reunion, with the help of the Boonboomgers

I guess next week's episode is about Tanabata?
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Re: Boonboomger 18 discussion thread

Post by Yaiba »

I like this resolution. What Sakito needed was ultimately just someone who'd listen to him and talked about his childhood trauma. Listen to your kids, people. I think there's also a deeper implication in this. If his parents died and there was no one to take him in, he might be living in an orphanage or got passed around in a foster system, which would explain why he didn't felt he belong anywhere. Also, for someone who hated Earth, he didn't suddenly do a 180 to become an Earth protector. He just want to protect the place his friend belongs.

I get the feeling that kid-Sakito actually stole that rare card, and had been regretting that decision. So he couldn't afford to lose the card, and was waiting for a chance to return it.

Once again, Genba was just so smooth. Being an all round supplier also requires the skills to steal stuff from thieves themselves.

As usual, Taiya only accept people into the team when they found their own resolve. He refused to hire Sakito last episode, but agree to do so now.

That controller needed so many button pushing to activate anything, that can't be convenient in a fight.

...Both Gotchard and BoonBoom had something sticking up the butt this week...

Production Blog ... _3963.html

The rare card Sakito was holding on was "Matsuba Shu".
Matsuba Shu → Shu Matsuba → Schumacher.
The name is a parody of the legendary F1 driver.
The model for Matsuba Shu was Tsutamune Masato, the suit actor for Bun Violet.

One discussion that came up many times during the scriptwriting process was the Guardians of the Galaxy. The movie is about different species fighting across the universe, and this was expressed in the scene where the Fixers led Sakito into space.

The scene where BoomRed pointed his gun at BoomViolet from the back, then BoomViolet retaliated and they faced each other, was an exact re-enactment of episode 16 when they first met. This was a attention to detail by writer Tomioka.

"That's right. That's why I don't ignore cries now." Taiya said before detransforming.
This line is very important. The past can't be taken back, but now, Taiya is able to turn cries into smiles.
In the actual script, the word "now" is also in double quotation marks. Perhaps Taiya also has regrets about something from the past. That's why now he reached out to help Sakito when he heard his cry.

"No Earthling has ever heard my cries!"
"People can't hear other's cries when they don't have the luxury. But I can hear it now."
Luxury can mean many things, such as peace of mind or good health. In Taiya's case, money, skills, and other such things gave him the luxury to hear the cries of others.

Original Japanese Text
先斗が大切そうに持っている1枚は“松葉 周”のレアカード。




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Re: Boonboomger 18 discussion thread

Post by Zerato »

I really hope Killer Robo sticks around the whole season, constantly getting dark versions of each of the cars. Too often, evil mecha are only around for a handful of episodes before they're either destroyed or turned good. I think Top Galer is the only exception
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