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Gaim? What's a Gaim?


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Re: KR Geats 02 discussion thread

Post by Lunagel »

It's more work to cut out than to keep in
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Re: KR Geats 02 discussion thread

Post by HowlingSnail »

And as I mentioned, it's part of the episode. Considering Toei keeps it on non-TV versions, they clearly consider it important.
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Re: KR Geats 02 discussion thread

Post by RobertPal »

Lunagel wrote: Thu Sep 15, 2022 7:10 am It's more work to cut out than to keep in
I guess I will trim it out, before I watch the new episode.
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Re: KR Geats 02 discussion thread

Post by Ashki »

Still seriously on the fence with this show, but not hating it (and even secretly exposing two friends to KR by watching it when they're around and hey invariably start watching along).

Ace is very much like Tendo. Total prick, yet always trying to get others to improve themselves and secretly doing his best to hide his good deeds under a cloak of excuses. In a way, it kind of makes me like him more, because I ended up really liking Tendo once certain plot elements began coming to light.

But I do feel like I'm watching a mashup of Garo Versus Road and Gaim. The lounge scene especially felt like the slower early bits of Gaim in the various hangouts. And the gimmicks this season literally look like McDonalds Happy Meal toys. But I guess overall, there's a spark of serious potential here. We know Ace is investigating the Grand Prix, so perhaps he was a detective in his pre-Rider life. Also, the idea that Tanuki wants world peace but has to learn the hard way that peace only comes from self-sacrifice could lead to a very strong character down the road (if TOEI doesn't pull a Ryuki and have him wanting to quit every five episodes, that is).

Still a 4/5 this week, more because a few things piqued my curiosity enough to give it a 3/5 and the iconic Ichigo/Niigo henshin pose complete with original sound effect was worth another point all on its own. Not yet sold on the show but also no hating it. That's proven a good sign more than once in Heisei KR and might well be the case again here.
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Re: KR Geats 02 discussion thread

Post by Mighty Action X »

Thankfully, it was returned to the original video format. It truly does not play on TV even after using a video converter.
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