#TV-Nihon 20th Anniversary thread

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#TV-Nihon 20th Anniversary thread

Post by takenoko »

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone!
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Re: #TV-Nihon 20th Anniversary thread

Post by ViRGE »

Happy 20th birthday, TV-Nihon!

I have no idea what I'd do with all the free time I'd suddenly have if I wasn't filling it with toku! :lol:
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I am the new #2
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Re: #TV-Nihon 20th Anniversary thread

Post by KamenRiderDecade »

Happy 20th Birthday, TV-Nihon!
You made the tokusatsu world colorful...
I'm extremely grateful to you guys!
Thanks a ton for all of your hard work.
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Re: #TV-Nihon 20th Anniversary thread

Post by RobertPal »

Happy Birthday!
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Re: #TV-Nihon 20th Anniversary thread

Post by Raiden »

Happy birthday!! Much love!!
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Re: #TV-Nihon 20th Anniversary thread

Post by resop2 »

"TV-Nihon ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Subarashii!"
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Re: #TV-Nihon 20th Anniversary thread

Post by Sonicguy001 »

Happy Birthday Guys!
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Re: #TV-Nihon 20th Anniversary thread

Post by HowlingSnail »

As someone who is credited on a single TV-Nihon release, I'd like to take personal credit for the group's success.

On a more serious note, this takes me back to 2012, visiting the site on the PS3 internet browser (yes, really) and downloading Gokaiger episodes through the DDL links.
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Re: #TV-Nihon 20th Anniversary thread

Post by Gokider »

I probably wouldn't have seen much tokusatsu if not for TV-Nihon subs and frankly I would've seen more if not for the unfortunate removal of them, but I am thankful to have gotten what I did so thanks for the toku-experience.
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Re: #TV-Nihon 20th Anniversary thread

Post by fartboy »

Been watching your subs since Gokaiger. Thanks for all the memories.
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Re: #TV-Nihon 20th Anniversary thread

Post by sqizzo »

Happy 20th Anniversary to Tv-nihon!!!

Thank you so much to everyone who have contributed. You guys are great people. May the cosmos reward you accordingly!!!

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Re: #TV-Nihon 20th Anniversary thread

Post by Mikadius »

Congratulations to you folks and many thanks for doing this!
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Re: #TV-Nihon 20th Anniversary thread

Post by patamon829 »

thank you thank you thank you!
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Re: #TV-Nihon 20th Anniversary thread

Post by Aeikozz »

Twenty Years with this group. Jesus man.
Let's keep it going. Up and onwards towards 40

Think they'll ever reference us? Lmao..
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