Kindaichi Season 4 Episode 5 Discussion Thread

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Kindaichi Season 4 Episode 5 Discussion Thread

Post by xiiliea »

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Actor trivia: Ryuu is played by chibi Raiga from Garo Makai no Hana.
Wait, is it standard protocol to directly arrest whoever is collecting the ransom? Do they want the kidnapped guy to die?
At this point in time, it was the third time someone escaped the police from a toilet. (two times in the first/second series)
The murder at the cave was way too obvious. Who else could it have been? Unless the knife was somehow thrown from afar.
Damn it Kamiyama. Why did you have to become Christian and ruin it all?
How convenient, there's a TV when they need it.
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Re: Kindaichi Season 4 Episode 5 Discussion Thread

Post by takenoko »

Oh, the crime producer from t he movies is back

Kindaichi is already asleep at the start of the show

Why are they markikng Kamiya off as dead already? They only showed Fujii's body.

Let me guess, the kid is the accomplice and Kindiachi just ate another helping of sleeping pills

kid dodesn't know what a fucking fist bump is, he's the cavern king

Rude. It's not the prez's fault all this happened

That is one angry looking cop

Yeah Kindaichi, help that kid kill those two guys

Where'd that gun come from?

What an expensive shot lol
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