Hurricanger with DonBrothers

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Hurricanger with DonBrothers

Post by takenoko »


lol this shadow animation. Nice

I think Haruka's reading Master's manga

Oh no, is htis a clip show for Hurricaneger?

Wow the height difference

Some surprisingly fun choreography in this

Is Oni Sister not going to fight at all in this?

That was definitely a short. Guess it was amusing and all. I'm noticing these shorts are around the 17 minute range, so not quite a full episode. 2-3 minutes of filler doing the Hurricane recap though... Can't hate it though, since some obvious effort went into this. Thanks for the nostalgia!
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Re: Hurricanger with DonBrothers

Post by ViRGE »

Nothing too amazing. But nothing too shabby, either. It was largely by-the-numbers once the initial fight broke out, but I was caught a bit by surprise with Tarou arriving.

And I'm assuming the story beats in this are the setup for the 20 Years After movie?
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Re: Hurricanger with DonBrothers

Post by Yaiba »

Proper nostalgia with past actors and original music is always better than just toys gimmicks. I enjoyed this through and through.

I'm glad they went with the original Shirikenger canon instead of 10 years after. No offense to the 10 years' kiddo but he cannot replace Shirikenger's legacy.

Shirikenger spoiler:
Shirikenger gave up everything including his own identity and died fighting for the cause.
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Re: Hurricanger with DonBrothers

Post by fartboy »

Never saw Hurricaneger but these are always cool to see.
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Re: Hurricanger with DonBrothers

Post by Aeikozz »

Hurricanger was my first ever Sentai. Everytime they get together and put out another chapter adding to the Hurricanger lore it just makes me super giddy. As the years go on i just think to myself, if they can continue to make more Hurricanger then, i can continue to find the strength to go through this life and keep beliving in the best in people.

The episode feels like a prequel for a movie, which makes me think they have something coming around the corner.

I seriously love hurricanger so much. (^_^)/
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