Jyukaizer 01 released

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Jyukaizer 01 released

Post by takenoko »

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I never noticed the silly dinosaur design till just now

/me looks at his watch. This video is 15 minutes long, get it moving

5 minutes in, all we've seen are establishing shots and this idiot eating rice

lol that's obviously dubbed

this cgi and jacket must have been where all the budget went

whoa, don't swing that stick too wildly, be a shame if that hit someone

Nice, we're starting with a green ranger. A green ranger in a dinosaur sentai???

Oh hey Tenma Yui

I thought the dub voices were too good. Gotta have a terrible bad guy voice

LOL, why is this robot so cute
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Complacent masses
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Re: Jyukaizer 01 released

Post by kabuto243 »

Thank you, I enjoyed the episode and your comments, lol
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Re: Jyukaizer 01 released

Post by Mighty Action X »

Another flavorless porn.
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