Jyukaizer 04 released

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Jyukaizer 04 released

Post by takenoko »

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Oh, cool entrance red. Nice of you to drop in halfway through eps 2 (ep 4???)

You three, stand behind the woman so that she can be in the foreground

Oh no, we're at the part of Giga where they're repeating their rollcall. I guess it's nice to admire the outfits

Hmmm, the choreography of green running down the path was almost good

Yeah, have pink kick the hell out of these guys

It's kind of fun that the mooks die when their face plates fall off

ooh weapon. Will it be cool?

What's going on with red's weapon? It's got like too many claws on his right and not enough on his left. Probably used in the combined waepon I bet

Gotta say, I don't love the darker markings on red's suit. It looks like sweat stains

I like green. At least he's a funny little weirdo
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Re: Jyukaizer 04 released

Post by Kurozuma »

Snip, you don't need to quote the whole thing if you're only responding to a part of it -take

I like Yota ( Green ) and Daichi ( Red) . The main problem of the show is that the character who suppose to be a main star of the show is pale and boring as hell. Regular cadt members are way more charismatic than her especially Yota. Who’ll ever buy a DVD with a “ special “ ep if the character literally has nothing to attract people’s attention ?
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