2022 TTFC Awards for DonBro and Revice

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2022 TTFC Awards for DonBro and Revice

Post by takenoko »

Kind of a weird one this time. Do you remember how Is won an award from TTFC fans for REAL X TIME?

Well they gave out awards again, this time for DonBrothers scenes and the Revice finale. It feels kind of arbitrary (maybe just me since I was totally checked out for Revice), but yeah here they are
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Re: 2022 TTFC Awards for DonBro and Revice

Post by Lunagel »

It also doesn't help that the choices for the awards were a limited selection of scenes chosen by... Toei. Not really that much of an honor if they're mostly competing against themselves
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Re: 2022 TTFC Awards for DonBro and Revice

Post by HowlingSnail »

That meme of Obama giving himself a medal but it's Toei.
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Re: 2022 TTFC Awards for DonBro and Revice

Post by Arigomi »

This all feels like an "employee of the month" award to keep high performers happy without paying them more.
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