KR Outsiders Ep 1 Ouja Chapter

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KR Outsiders Ep 1 Ouja Chapter

Post by takenoko »

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So does this take place in the end of TV continuity?

It's so weird that Asakura's brother is alive in this continuity

Bank's a six leaf clover

Oh no, Asakura got his ID Core back

Well, didn't think I'd see that in a Rider show

Oh hey DiEnd. Decade's crew always messing with continuity

lol, Odin getting shdaow stabbed isn't quite as good

Is that the boat from the Ouja boat episode?

Why do they keep putting Rider belts in computers. Revice looked like it was in a computer case too

Oh man, why'd they bring back Desast? He had such a good sendoff in Saber

Nice ending art
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Re: KR Outsiders Ep 1 Ouja Chapter

Post by decade368990 »

Okamoto Jirou is Ouja suit actor again. Back in Ryuki, he swung the Ouja weapon with his left arm. But he has been using his right arm ever since he was Ouja again in RIDER TIME RYUKI.
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Re: KR Outsiders Ep 1 Ouja Chapter

Post by ViRGE »

That was okay, I guess. Ouja's gonna Ouja.

I have to be honest: I was expecting a bit more continuity from the previous episode. This is feeling less like a coherent series, and more a bunch of loosely tied together one-shots.
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