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Re: KR Geats 27 discussion thread

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takenoko wrote: Tue Mar 21, 2023 11:37 pm >And sure enough, checking the wiki, Sakamoto was the director for this episode. Every director has their own style, but Sakamoto really does stand out.

I don't know if I saw enough thighs, maybe next ep
Isn't that what Yodonna 3 is for? :lol:
> If nothing else, this ensures there aren't two speedy red dudes (or dudettes) running around at the same time.

so no clock up fights?
Not until there's a high speed Jamato. Which will probably happen, as something will have to counter Boost Mark 2 to justify Geats' ultimate form.
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Re: KR Geats 27 discussion thread

Post by Connie_Edogawa »

I just had another thought re: my theory that Ziin might be an antagonist by the end.

he's just Buddy/Incredi-boy/Syndrome from The Incredibles.

he's a big fan of the main hero. he modeled his costume/rider form after his hero (unless it turns out they gave Geats a fox form because Ziin already had the fox theming and wanted his oshi to match, maybe?). his outfit is black and white. his abilities come from advanced technology. he keeps trying to join his hero in the field, but his hero keeps expressing a dislike of his admiration ("our fighting to save the world isn't a game.", "I don't remember calling you my ally.", "my life is not for your amusement.")
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Re: KR Geats 27 discussion thread

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It'd make sense. You don't overturn the hunger games by assuming the people watching your suffering are your friends. At the end of the day, the modern day people are going to have to take out the structure of DGP
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