King Racles's Secret 01

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King Racles's Secret 01

Post by takenoko »

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Oh, characters we haven't met yet

Wait, she's a prisoner? What is this setup?

This scene of their faces weirdly imposed on each other is weird

Oh, she's some sort of mimic Bugnarok

Gotta say, a DNA lock that is fooled by just one tear is pretty lame

I don't understand the laws in this story at all
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Re: King Racles's Secret 01

Post by Mikadius »

Are they setting him up to be all misunderstood and tragic..? Hopefully it's not that or it at least more than that, since they've already shown Racles to be a total bastard, turning him good just for the sake of a twist would be a stretch.

Was Racles' iris kinds weird and slightly concave in one point in that close-up on his face from the side? Not a story detail, but what was the deal with that
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