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Shin Kamen Rider discussion thread

Post by takenoko »

< Shin Ultraman

So for context, I went to see this in theaters in May and did not love it. I saw Shin Ultraman earlier this year and loved it. It was a great time. I went home and watched Shin Godzilla, and while different, really enjoyed it too and thought it was a great political drama

Why didn't I initially like Shin Kamen Rider? It was quirky and weird, but not in a charming way the way Ultraman was. Hongou is basically the Shinjitized version of Hongou. He's introverted, troubled, and full of doubt. Ruriko is full of personality, but she keeps you at a distance. I did genuinely like both of these characters, but it was hard to get emotionally invested in them

I did genuinely love Ichimonji who was perfect. He was funny, personable, and charming. Even brainwashed, he's still the best character in the movie. And him crying in front of Ruriko is one of the best scenes

But with some distance, I started to appreciate Hongou and Ruriko more. Their quiet and sweet relationship. How they needed each other and were really cruelly forced into this extremely violent world that they live in

And I think I just didn't like the theatrical translation very much. It was so technical and verbose that I found that I missed a lot of points on the initial showing. It was just too much to read. I didn't feel like they explained critical concepts to the story very well. I thought the tone was off (like there's one point in the theatrical subs where Hongou called Shocker "a bunch of dangerous dudes" which didn't fit his character) And I think there might be one line that was interpreted incorrectly and is just a straight up mistake

I still feel like Shin Ultraman, Shin Godzilla, and Shin Kamen Rider is my order of favorite to least favorite of the Hideaki Anno's Shin series, but I'm glad I revisited the movie and took it on on its terms instead of my expectations. The First will still be my favorite interpretation of Ichigou, but I appreciate this version and Anno's quirks more now
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Re: Shin Kamen Rider discussion thread

Post by decade368990 »

The movie is 7/10 basically. The story isn't really as cohesive as everyone were anticipated. It's more like surviving in the territory of an Aug and then deal with them. I do feel like things got broken due to Anno wanted to add a lot of things into the movie, but was restricted to 2 hours max and not exceeding it. Does it improve anything if Toei allowed Anno to turn this movie into two hours and a half???

It's interesting to find out from behind the scenes that at least 14 iPhones were used to film this movie.

It still has it's quality overall, but still not on par with the classic THE FIRST and THE NEXT movies.
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Re: Shin Kamen Rider discussion thread

Post by msf232 »

I went in to watch only for Minami Hamabe, and on that front I wasn't too disappointed

But otherwise, the storytelling seemed bland... wouldn't recommend this to someone else
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Re: Shin Kamen Rider discussion thread

Post by Ghost23 »

I just watched it and I didn't hate but I didn't like it either. The fight sequence weren't all that great, it was like they try to be flashy but end up looking so so. They got these huge air fight sequences that just don't bring it. I think the problem is they try to make those super fast motions blow trading fights like in animated shows but with CGI that just doesn't work. the rest is just scenes that are very loosely sequence together but not really matter in what order. Also I feel like they explain a bit too much, like how the name 'SHOCKER' came about. The only thing I like was the new bike design and how it transform. Didn't like the new rider outfit, look like it was paying homage to the umpire design of the original KR. Not sure where the 'Shin' part fit in this movie but I definitely like "Kamen Rider the First" much better then this retelling.
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