Ikeda Junya needs your help to face depression

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Ikeda Junya needs your help to face depression

Post by HWNJ »

Ikeda Junya, the actor who plays Gokai Silver is facing depression.
https://twitter.com/junya_ikeda2710/sta ... 0390447336

He needs cheerful comments from his fans. Any language is okay, as he said in his tweet. Every message will help him move forward.

As he said and I quote and translate:
"Give me the courage to step forward once again, please.
Any words/in any language language is OK, so, can I have a message from you?"
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Re: Ikeda Junya needs your help to face depression

Post by Aeikozz »

:/ bruh your gokai silver, i dunno what to tell ya.
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Re: Ikeda Junya needs your help to face depression

Post by Kamen Rider Gumo »

I took the time to drop a short message; I hope he can pull through this. Depression is a horrible thing to deal with.
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