King-Ohger Stop motion 1-3

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King-Ohger Stop motion 1-3

Post by takenoko »

Everyone crying out for mecha, we've got you covered. We filmed the toys moving, and it only took 1000 hours to make these 6 minutes of footage

It's a cute series though. I like them going around the world to search for the crown in 1 and the dance off was pretty silly in ep 3
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Re: King-Ohger Stop motion 1-3

Post by Zerato »

That was silly, but admittedly pretty cute lol
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Re: King-Ohger Stop motion 1-3

Post by Lunagel »

I mean it's definitely more effort than they put into the Kiramager storytime anime. Overall pretty harmless and cute.
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Re: King-Ohger Stop motion 1-3

Post by ViRGE »

My absolute respect to anyone who does stop-motion filming. The insane amount of effort required (and the finesse to keep making such small adjustments) is nothing short of laudable.

It's all a very blatant toy commercial, but as everyone else has noted, it's done in such a way that's harmless and cute. There's nothing deep to poke at here, but I hope the crew that worked on it was able to have fun in the process.
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