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Geats Tiktoks

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Wear this for a Thrill
-I love this one the best, mostly for Neon's hammy acting. Also, you can see why Beroba's actress was chosen. She has some presence for a 15 year old. Is she really that much taller than Neon's actress?

Keiwa and Sara doing the Barbarbar dance was cute

I liked Ace and Buffa practicing for the Bumblebee song

Tsumuri's actress seems really awkward in real life. It's kinda cute

A lot of the Tiktoks sure have Hoshino Yuna (Neon)'s singing. Like I said, if you go to her channel you can see all the videos of her singing and dancing that you want

It's fun to see them do other Sentai dances. Hey, they let Matsumoto Hiroya out of the Toei dungeon for some of them

I think the Wo Xing Shi dance with Keiwa and Neon is cute. You get to hear a lot of songs used on the Tiktoks
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