Gokkan no Rita Chapter 14

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Gokkan no Rita Chapter 14

Post by takenoko »

Kekeke, blue pompadour's shoes are even funnier in drawing form

Some nice fight art
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Re: Gokkan no Rita Chapter 14

Post by Ruffinn Kein »

Oh, how I'd love to see these interactions between the president and the judge on screen, or just with the actors! Even if it was the actors reenacting these scenes from the comics on social media or on a stage show or whatever! Because this relationship of mutual conflict and respect had a lot of potential and didn't get enough exploration in the live action media. This is one of the few flaws of the tv series. And if these interactions had happened in the tv series, I would probably have ended up liking Yanma to a minimum extent.
Just... 😓 And while the comic can't make up for the wasted opportunities, I am glad that these interactions between Rita and Yanma still happened (somewhere) , and they're just how I imagined them to be. From the conflict to eventually coming to terms with each other's ways of doing things, in other words, agreeing to disagree.
Ruffinn Kein 🙃
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