Faiz 20th: Murder Case Part 2 The Solution

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Faiz 20th: Murder Case Part 2 The Solution

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Part 2 of the Faiz mystery is only 10 minutes? Did they make this up while the actors were bored on set or something?

That Kusaka smile

It's 555, isn't there always an Orphenoch around?

It's so funny seeing Rena here, knowing her role in the movie

Aren't all these guys Orphenochs?

oh Inoue. How did this murder mystery turn into a missing goldfish story

Man, people in japan be starving. Was Inoue hungry when he wrote this?

lol. Hisao died pretty fast, just like in the movie

Wow, it's not just humasn who become orpheenoch. New 555 lore

What nostalgic music

I'm surprised they packed so much stuff in 10 minutes, but hey, no padding? I don't know why it had to end on a weird cliffhanger since Kouta's still at large, but I guess that's 555/Inoue for you
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